34 Clever Ways to Make Extra Money

Baby Boomers Looking for High Yield Dividend Stocks

What will the impact of the 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 be as they enter into their retirement years? How will concerns about social security, market instability, and recent economic disasters come into play as seniors try to figure out where to invest for the best and safest return?

Solving the Mystery of Superannuation

Superannuation has become the second largest asset class of most people, after the family home, and yet people generally have not bothered to understand superannuation at all. We feel that we understand bricks and mortar far better than investing in funds (which we think is superannuation). This probably explains why many are confused about investing and use superannuation to blame, as it is a case of fear of the unknown and a popular catchcry.

Plan a Retirement the Canadian Way

To give us an overall understanding what is a retirement plan well a brief definition of it would be, it is an act of keeping aside a certain portion of your money during your years of earning in order for the said money to accumulate and provide you with your desired amount during your retirement period. In Canada just like any other place in the world has a special type of retirement planning system in which it is being supplemented and assisted by its government. In order for you to have a comfortable retirement benefits the Canadian Pension Plan…

Retirement Planning Tool – Tips to Make a Successful Financial Retirement Plan

If you search the net for some of the basic things you need for a retirement planning tool, well I guess there are a lot of them that you can find. Some of them are very convincing in the first place because of its marketing strategy but if you dig it deeper then you will realize that still they are doubtful for you. There are others that are biased because they are not based on the actual cases or maybe they are just there to fill you up for your hunger to invest for something that you think you can have in the future

Retirement Planner Calculator – Your Retirement Planner Best Friend

  According to some people nowadays are lucky enough because of the new technologies that mankind brought to this world. The most common and considered as one of the famous invented method or shall we say tool in retirement planning nowadays is the retirement planner calculator. This tool is very especial nowadays because it can do a lot of help to those who are planning to have a retirement plan soon and not just that it can be also a good guide for those who have their own plans and that are wishing to fulfill it in a very…

Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Your Portfolio

In today’s world of financial crisis, one after another, and the pace of change in the economy fueled by technology, investors must look for new and innovative ways to balance the risk/reward relationship in their portfolios. Although some of the old methods of doing this such as asset allocation, covered calls, stop loss, and shorting the market still can be effective, there are other methods that allot of investors are not that familiar with. The first one I would like to talk about is the index annuity.

Prepare for Your Golden Years

Average life expectancy continues to increase, and as the poet Robert Browning wrote, “The best is yet to be”. This can be true if you have made some preparations for your golden years. So, just how do you prepare so you can enjoy your retirement?

Investing For The Beginner

The importance of investing cannot be overstated. Understanding the concept behind investing is one of the fundamental capacities of conscious thought, and thereby one of the most valuable advantages of human intelligence.

401K Options – Real Returns Versus Average Returns?

What’s the difference between “Real Market Returns” versus “Average Market Returns”? If you’re an investor who doesn’t know the answer to this question, read this article. Real Returns will eclipse Average Returns in just a few short years and never look back!

Why UK Tobacco Companies Should Be in Your Retirement Portfolio

Many investors dismiss tobacco companies as “boring”. Others dismiss tobacco companies altogether on ethical grounds. However, by their very nature, tobacco companies are huge producers of cash. British American Tobacco – the world’s second largest listed tobacco company – and Imperial Tobacco – the world’s fourth largest listed tobacco company – are both listed in the FTSE 100 index. British American Tobacco has doubled its dividend in the last five years whereas Imperial Tobacco’s dividend has increased by 26%. UK tobacco companies should be considered in any income investing retirement portfolio.

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