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How to Protect Your BlackBerry

If you want to protect your BlackBerry, your first thought’s probably related to physical security. Perhaps you’re thinking about securing straps, shockproof carriers and perhaps lockable areas where you work etc.

Why You May Need BlackBerry Insurance

If you have BlackBerry insurance, you may typically expect a certain level of cover, which could help if your BlackBerry was stolen, badly damaged or broke down after the manufacturer’s warranty had expired.   If any of these events were to happen to your BlackBerry, you may find yourself in the position of wondering;   l how you were going to fund a new one; l how long you were going to be without one; l how long it was going to take to reconstitute lost data.   With some…

BlackBerry Curve Insurance

You’ve finally got yourself your dream BlackBerry Curve and you may be wondering if BlackBerry Curve insurance should be the next thing you should be buying. Everyone may possibly have their own view of whether or not gadget insurance for things like BlackBerrys, mobile phones, iPads and iPods etc, is necessary.

Choosing The Best Laptop Insurance – Always Stay Protected

Are you thinking about insuring your new laptop or netbook? Read this short article and learn a few important facts about laptop insurance that you must know before making any decisions.

Do I Need Diamond Ring Insurance?

Diamonds are not just immensely beautiful but they are also quite valuable, both factors that contribute to the stones being so sought after. Diamond jewelry is indeed worth quite a pretty amount and not without reason. These dazzling beauties do deserve the special treatment they demand.

Picking The Most Suitable Jewellery Insurance Product

The majority of standard home contents insurance policies are unlikely to offer adequate protection for high value jewellery items. This article explains the benefits of purchasing a specialist jewellery insurance product.

Amazing Mobile Phone Insurance Claims

It would appear there is never a dull moment in mobile phone insurance and for those who may wonder what is so exciting about insurance, then you’ve only got to have a look at the fate of many iPhones, who have met their doom via the toilet or the pavement. These maybe the most common fates heard by iPhone insurance claim handlers, however there are stranger and almost unbelievable ones that make their way through the general destruction.

Types of Personal Property Insurance Services

The term personal property insurance applies to any type of property you might possess. Your vehicles, home, business and umbrella policy all fall into this category. Life and health insurance are other types of insurance and they do not fall under the category of property. We’ll briefly cover the different types of property insurance services.

Insuring Your Yacht

The question of insurance always arises in our mind whenever we hear that someone else is insuring their yacht. We laugh off this ‘non fictional joke’ and assume that nothing will happen to our vessels. After spending lot of money in buying one yacht, people hesitate to spend more in buying insurance for it.

Why Take Out Phone Insurance?

You don’t have to take out phone insurance. You may compare your mobile phone with those of other people for special features, accessories, colour schemes and so on – but you probably won’t be getting involved in one-upmanship in terms of phone cover insurance.

FAQs Relating To iPhone Insurance

If you have an iPhone, then iPhone insurance may have a role to play in helping you financially should the worst happen to your much-prized gadget. Here are some common FAQs relating to iPhone insurance – but please remember that these are general answers only. Individual policies and conditions may vary between insurance providers.

Getting That iPad Insurance

Been putting off a decision on iPad insurance? If so, don’t worry – you’re probably not alone.

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