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Claiming Insurance On Your Damaged Handmade Persian Or Oriental Rug

There are many dangers to handmade rugs from spills and stains to flooding and fire. The first step one should take before or during an insurance claim is to gain an independent retail replacement or insurance valuation on the rug. Often insurers do not understand the artistic value of a handmade rug and treat it as a standard floor covering or a used item. Gaining a replacement valuation is an effective weapon when seeking value from your insurer.

Insuring a Diamond Ring – Is My Jewelry Covered Under My Homeowner’s Or Renter’s Policy?

Diamonds are valuable assets that should be insured against loss or theft. What makes a diamond a valuable asset? I’ll give you three reasons: Firstly, diamonds are valuable because of rarity; Secondly, because of scarcity; and thirdly, because they are mounted into rings, earrings, bracelets, anniversary rings, pendants, and necklaces to make beautiful jewelry that people like to wear…

How To Get A Great Deal On Redundancy Mortgage Protection

One of the greatest fears of redundancy is the fact that you would not be able to pay your mortgage or any of the debts you have incurred. If you cannot pay your mortgage, chances are that you might lose your home.

Laws Concerning Selling Migratory Birds, Raptors, and Their Parts

As a personal property appraiser how often have we heard “can I sell this duck mount?” Being a Taxidermist I have had the occasional call asking if I can mount a hawk or a song bird that flew into a window or a car. After explaining the basics of the law they hang up never to be heard from again. Here is the answer to that question and maybe some other ones that will pop up regarding song birds, waterfowl and raptors.

Delving Into Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance has the ability to save the loved ones of the insured from a lot of stress and money in the event of his death. As the costs associated with funerals are increasing, initially even though the family members grieve about the death of their beloved member, the next thing they get into their minds is the worry about paying and planning for the final arrangements. In such a situation, if the deseased individual has already covered himself with final expense insurance,the family members can be protected from spending huge.

Landlord Insurance – What Does Legal Expenses Cover?

As a landlord, having cover for legal expenses can save you huge money, so read on to find what legal expenses actually does cover and why you need for your small business. Find out more in this guide to legal cover for small business owners.

Landlord Insurance – What Is Buildings Insurance?

When you own a building for letting purposes, you might want to consider insurance that will cover subsidence and structural damage to the property. Landlord buildings insurance will pay for a total rebuild of your property in the event of flooding or fire. Is it worth paying for?

Landlord Insurance – What Is Emergency Assistance Insurance?

When it comes to an emergency and you need a window or a boiler fixed, landlord can be out of pocket before they know it. The good news is that most companies now have a type of insurance called emergency assistance cover.

Landlord Insurance – What Is Contents Insurance?

This article will explain what landlord contents insurance is and what the uses are for this type of insurance policy for landlords with let properties. All landlords should consider this type of cover for any property they own or rent out.

Landlord Insurance – What Is Loss of Rent Insurance?

When you’re a small business owner and a landlord at the same time, the rent that comes in every month is so important, what can do to make sure that rent keeps coming in? The answer is an insurance policy, which will pay your rent for a period of time. It will only pay your rent at times when your flats or houses are unable to be rented due to damages of some sort.

Top 4 Ways for Better and Cheaper Landlord Insurance

Use a company that talks to brokers and landlord insurance companies at the same time. Many companies that deal with landlords only talk to a few companies as this still serves their customers. They take what they get, more or less and this isn’t good enough for landlords to secure better policies that are more affordable.

Landlord Insurance – How to Cover The Mortgage When The Flat Is Empty

When you’re a landlord and you’re paying a mortgage on a buy to let flat or house, you’ll need some sort of backup if the rent stops coming in. Banks don’t really care if your flat is empty, they just want the money because it;s business as usual. Is there a way to protect landlords?

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