May The Force Of The Debt Snowball Be With You

Fire Risk Assessor Reduce Insurance Costs

The key role of a fire risk assessor is to educate people in the area of fire safety with emphasis on the dangers and how to prevent loss of life in the event of a fire, their main objective being to implement fire safety plans in the work environment. In order to sufficiently monitor any safety concerns an assessment is completed of the site in question.

Superannuation Funds

Superannuation is not just for the larger sized company and its employees. Worthwhile superannuation benefits can be provided for the employees of a small company, a one man company or a self employed person.

Best Finds From the Antiques Roadshow

The comforting, familiar nature of the Antiques Roadshow has been likened to ‘the feel of a warm bath’. From its beginnings in 1977, the show delved through the possessions of others, with guests telling us stories of the current owners, past owners and beyond.

Home Warranty – Your Protection Against Old Homes and Accidental Damage

In this time of disaster and accidents, people become insurance conscious. They need ample protection. At first, it is a warranty of life – so underwriters covered their lives, their possible accidents.

PDA Insurance – 3 Sneaky Ways to Save Plenty of Money

I almost fell off my chair when my local mobile phone shop quoted me an outrageous amount for my PDA insurance. It was about a third of my monthly tariff which to me didn’t seem right.

Protect Your Eye-Wear With Glasses Insurance

Insurance is available for many reasons. Some require insurance to protect their home while others need insurance to tend to their medical needs. One perhaps less known variety of insurance is that of glasses insurance.

Woodland Insurance

Woodland insurance is a specific type of land insurance that you can get if you own a large area that is mainly filled with trees, bushes and shrubs. This type of insurance is used to protect the land owner from any circumstance where a third party gets injured on the land and then holds the owner responsible for their injuries. This insurance is used to protect when someone hold you responsible for an accident they have had on your land and tries to claim damages from you, for example if they were walking through the woods and tripped over…

Private Road Insurance

Private Road Insurance is a type of land insurance that is generally looked at by people within a Residents Association as they will generally want to get insurance to protect themselves from any instance in which they could be held liable by a member of the public who had an accident on the land and held them responsible because they were the land owners. Usually if a Residents Association wants to insure their road it’s because the public have rights of access to it and therefore there is a chance that someone could get injured as they were walking.

Mobile Insurance – Becoming Increasingly Inevitable

It is surprising that nearly 228 mobile phones are reported stolen every hour if we take into the account the latest figures from one of the authentic sources, Home Office of the UK. That is huge if we take into account the current statistics.

Tips to Buying Diamond Insurance

The first step to get the insurance, you need to apply the appraisal to confirm the value of a diamond. So you need to find an appraisal company first because the insurer requires knowing more about the quality of the stone include the color, clarity, weight and cut quality.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Why do you need to buy title insurance? Is it really necessary? What’s the worst that could happen?

Personal Property Protection in Tough Economic Times

Things such as personal alarms and property insurance may have been bumped from the list of immediate necessities as many of us are trying to cut back on our monthly costs. Although so many people are continuing to penny-pinch and save wherever they can, some items simply should not be given up.

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