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Retirement Planning Through a Strategic Wealth Management Process

Nobody wishes to work until he or she drop dead. However, designing and implementing a successful retirement plan can be very challenging, not just because of investment uncertainty, but also because of the unwilling to sacrifice current lifestyle for the future. With high inflation and dropping bank saving rates, challenging investment climax and job uncertainty, nobody can afford to not take their retirement plan seriously.

Investing for Retirement – Making the Decision to Start

It’s been said that if we start saving $100 a month from age 18 to 65 we will become a millionaire. Despite this great news, how many people actually take action on this advice? $100 a month might be easy for you and me to sock away, or $3 a day, but for many it seems to be impossible.

Finding a Financial Advisor

Retirement often presents us with bewildering choices: When to retire? Where to live? How to occupy one’s time? These kinds of decisions are mostly matters of personal choice, and though you can seek the advice of friends and family, ultimately you’ll need to decide them on your own.

Promissory Note Structuring – Part Two

In promissory note investing, understanding is more important than information. Investing without understanding is like playing poker without looking at the cards. It is vital to understand the implications and the interpretations that the documents create.

401K Version 2.0 – The DB-Ization of the DC Plan

The 401k began life in the early 1980s as a savings plan that allowed employees to defer salary in order to supplement a defined benefit pension plan. As we all know, however, the 401k is now firmly established as the dominant, if not sole, retirement plan for most Americans. As the 401k has evolved from being merely a supplemental plan to being the main source of retirement income for many employees, the 401k structure is greatly overdue for an upgrade….

Retirement Income Funds – A Paycheck Without Working

If you’re preparing for retirement, consider moving some of your money into retirement income funds. While these funds are highly taxable in most cases, you’ll also receive an opportunity to make a constant paycheck from the fund and in most cases, some capital appreciation.

Start Investing Now – The Power of Compound Interest

“Compounding,” Albert Einstein said, “is mankind’s greatest invention because it allows for the reliable, systematic accumulation of wealth.” The earlier you start investing the better off you will be. Start investing early — right now. Compound interest is a huge factor in wealth building and wealth maintenance.

Financially Planning For Retirement

Knowing or unknowingly, planning for retirement is one of the vital aspects in a person’s life. There are several things which you can do to maintain your own peace and the steps you take will certainly help you to financially plan your retirement years in the best way possible.

What Is A Great Personal Finance Plan For Investing For Retirement?

For some retirement may seem like it is a long way off. For others retirement may be rapidly approaching. No matter how close it is, now is the time to start investing. With the stock market on the rise again, it may be years before you will have an opportunity like you can have now. So how do you get started?

Investing For Retirement – Tools to Help You Reach Your Goal

Retirement investing is one of the primary goals of many Americans. If it isn’t one of yours, it should be. The younger you are, the less likely that Social Security will be available when you retire or the age to draw it will be set very high and most people won’t reach it.

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