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Home Inventory – Why You Need to Conduct a Home Inventory

Lately, you’ve been hearing a little buzz about Home Inventories and you want to know what the big deal is. You know everything that’s in your house, right? So why should you write it down and document it? Before I get into answering that question, let me list a few statistics and you can tell me what you think.

Conducting A Home Inventory – The Systematic Approach

This article lays out a systematic approach for conducting a home inventory. 4 easy steps will help to guide you through the inventory process and transform a seemingly daunting task into a manageable event.

High Net Worth Property Insurance – What Exactly Is It?

If you live in a higher value home, or are a high net worth individual, with perhaps larger than normal value of property contents it can be hard to find appropriate insurance cover. Many standard off the shelf property insurance policies will not offer suitable cover for your particular circumstances. If this is the case you will require a specialist high net worth property insurance UK policy.

Buy To Let Property Insurance – Is It Worth The Hassle?

Buy to let property insurance is a vital safety tool that any buy to let landlord should not be without. Cheap landlords insurance is now readily available and cheaper than ever as a result of the rapid expansion in recent years or novice buy to let landlords renting properties for the first time. Buy to let property insurance, though not a legal requirement is a practical requirement for any potential landlord.

High Net Worth Property Insurance – What Exactly is it?

High net worth property insurance is something that should be considered if you are a high net worth individual. Of course the definition of a high net worth individual is very subjective according to who you are and how much you earn! Too often people take out property insurance policies without reading the details of the policies.

The Importance Of Purchasing Title Insurance For Real Estate

It is important to obtain title insurance whenever you purchase real estate, whether you are buying a home, business or investment property. Title insurance protects the buyer of a piece of real estate from loss due to problems with the title, or deed, to the property. These problems can arise due to transactions in the past that were not completed properly.

Buy To Let Property Insurance – What Is It And Do I Need It?

When insuring a buy to let property, the risks involved vary significantly from those when insuring your residential home with a standard buildings insurance policy. With this in mind it is important to select a purchase a specific buy to let property insurance policy.

Personal Accident Insurance – International Employment

You’ve just been awarded a new position by your company; Overseas. Do you Have Personal Accident Insurance? It is critical that your company carry Personal Accident Insurance Coverage if you are on an overseas assignment.

Buy To Let Property Insurance – How To Get The Best Deal

Home insurance can be an expensive outlay that most people simply accept. However buy to let property insurance is often overlooked by buy to let landlords due to the costs involved. But there are some simple ways to keep this extra cost to a minimum.

Buy to Let Property Insurance

Buy to let property insurance is often neglected by buy to let landlords. This article explains the key concepts to consider.

Protection Against Paying For Items Lost Or Damaged When Purchased Using A Credit Card

The law requires that credit card holders receive a measure of coverage for packages that are lost or damaged. If a card does not have such coverage, you should look for another vendor. According to the Federal Credit Billing Act, if your card lender bills you for merchandise that has been lost, damaged, or stolen, you do not have to pay that bill.

Insurance Valuation

Insurance Valuation can guarantee the property owner has adequate insurance and is not paying for excessive coverage. A property loss can be a devastating experience even when fully insured. Incurring a loss when inadequately insured can cause financial disaster.

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