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Buy To Let Property Insurance – Make Sure You Don’t Go Without It

A common mistake amongst buy to let investors is not taking out specialist buy to let property insurance. Virtually all insurance companies view buy to lets as a commercial enterprise and as such require commercial insurance cover. If you attempt to make a claim on a rented property on a regular residential buildings or contents insurance policy the company may well reject the claim outright.

What Is Title Insurance And Why Do I Need It Anyway?

If you are interested in joining the ranks of successful women in real estate, it is important that you come to a complete understanding of the fundamental elements associated with real estate investing. Yes, few people find the intricacies of title insurance exciting and many feel it’s down right boring. However, if professional women have learned anything over the course of the past few decades, it is that knowledge is power.

Cheap Home Contents Insurance

You can find cheap home contents insurance that is designed to reimburse you for the value of your the contents of your home in the event you suffer a loss of it…There are things you can do to reduce your premiums while still maintaining good coverage of the items in your home.

Auto Insurance Brokers – Did You Know Your Credit History Can Affect Your Premium?

Auto insurance brokers are better than getting quotes from just one “big name company.” Why? Because many – if not most – auto insurance companies use your credit history when factoring how much they charge you.

Insurance For Mobility Products

It is now possible to take a warranty (extended) and accidental damage insurance to cover home mobility products which include adjustable beds, riser recliner chairs and stair lifts. Useful information on insurance and warranties for riser recliner chairs, adjustable beds and stair lifts.

UK Loan Protection Insurance Can be Found Cheaply

UK loan protection can be found cheaply but you have to go with a specialist in payment protection insurance (PPI) if you want the cheapest premiums along with the advice needed to ensure that a policy is suitable for your needs. Payment protection or ASU insurance as the product is also sold under is taken out if you want to ensure that you would have the money each month to continue meeting your loan repayments and not get into debt should you become unable to work due to redundancy, long term sickness or accident.

Information on Insurance For Mobility Scooters

Current legislations state that there is no requirement for a user of a mobility scooter to hold adequate insurance, unlike car users who are legally required to hold adequate insurance. However, users should give careful consideration to taking out at least third party insurance to cover any potential claims that could be made should the user cause injury of damage to persons or property.

Family Insurance – Protecting Your Greatest Asset

With so many different types of insurance now available, it can be difficult for some family’s to know which coverage they must have, versus which ones they should have.

Insuring Your Jewelry – Is It Worth It?

Even if you have homeowners insurance, it is a good idea to get separate insurance for your more expensive jewelry. This article discusses jewelry insurance in more detail.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Various Professions

Professional Indemnity ensures that both the solicitor and his client are financially protected in the event of mistakes or omissions being occurred during the practice. Indemnity insurance is designed such that it meet the costs of defending claims.

What is E&O Insurance? Do You Need it, and What Does it Cover?

You get insurance in order to protect yourself from disaster. When you think of disaster and insurance, you think of bad weather, stolen goods, or a number of other unforeseen physical mishaps that can ruin your business if you’re not covered.

Determining the Proper Amount of Insurance Coverage for your Personal Property

Are the contents of your home or business properly ensured? There’s really only one way to know with any degree of certainty: perform an asset inventory.

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