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Planning for Retirement – Making a Modest Start

Retirement Planning can help us to get the extra benefits in old age. So planning and investing your money in retirement plans is very important for all kind of people.

Things to Consider in Early Retirement Planning

Retirement is something we need to consider while we still have the capability of working for it. It is something we need to invest into since this will be the one to carry us after we have given all the efforts we can during pre-retirement. Planning for early retirement will not be that easy, this will need a budgeting skill since that will not be the only thing that comes to everybody’s mind when money is on hand, the fact is, it barely comes into everyone else’s mind.

Gold As an Alternate Currency

Gold is an alternate currency! That’s it folks; when the value of paper currencies are worth less all the time, then gold becomes a more attractive option. And right now, currencies across the developed world are in fact becoming worth less and less…

The Fed Says They Want More Inflation

The Federal Reserve recently came out with its $600 Billion decision to buy U.S treasury debt (otherwise known as QE2) in order to fulfill their “dual mandate” of lowering the unemployment rate and increasing inflation from present levels. Ben Bernanke wrote a piece in the Washington Post explaining and defending his recent decision (which I found to be interesting in itself). In that piece he stated that…

Creating a Paycheck for Retirement – A Series on Retirement Income Planning

Investing for retirement income can be different than investing during your working years. It’s not all about how much you make but how you manage the cash flow. Using these lessons learned from corporate finance and endowments may help you stay on course.

Proposed Pension Changes – How Will You Be Affected?

No doubt you are aware that more proposed changes to pensions has been announced by the Government. The good news is that the Coalition has attempted to simplify matters, which is very welcome after Labour’s legacy of the anti-forestalling legislation (how complicated does it need to be?). Let’s take a look at the main changes that will affect doctors and dentists:

Annuities: Seeding for the Future

Putting off saving for the future for a later time is not a wise decision. You might argue that the money that you are earning today is meant to provide for your present needs and wants. You can always save more money when you receive a big cash flow sometime down the road, right? Wrong. This is the mistake that most people make.

Attaining Your Retirement Dream

There are many of people who are ready to provide you advice on your retirement planning for helping you carry out the kind of retirement plan you often dreamt of. But yet not all of this info is perfect, and you need to realize that a necessary element of your own preparing for your own retirement is concerning your own ways of planning investments. Majority of individuals never pay a great deal of attention to their investment initiative, and allow their workplace to independently manage the entire 401k.

Retirement – Why You Should Still Invest While in Retirement

There are a number of reasons why you should still invest while in retirement. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you will hopefully be retired for many years, so you might as well keep your savings growing and beat inflation by investing and maintaining a healthy savings balance to live on.

5 Common Sense Tips on Saving and Investing Your Money

Americans are struggling when it comes to saving money for retirement. According to a study published in the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), Americans are facing a combined retirement shortfall of $4.55 billion, or $47,000 per adult!

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