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Valuation of Promissory Notes In Today’s Market

Promissory note valuation for IRS estate tax and gift tax purposes is defined as “Fair Market Value”. Part of the formal definition is the price at which the note would change hands between a willing buyer and seller when both are acting free from compulsion and both have reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.   If a note is secured (collateralized) by real estate or business property, that property is a major element that supports…

How To Value A Promissory Note – Part 2

As we previously discussed, valuing a note is as much an art as a science. The main reasons why arriving at a realistic valuation is difficult, and subject to a judgment factor, is that no public market exists where notes are bought and sold and where prices are published. Each note transaction is a private transaction between one buyer and one seller.

Creative Financing – Mortgage Notes and Other Tools

Since early 2006 to the present our financial system in this country has been in disarray and significantly crippled. Hundreds of banks have already failed and been closed; hundreds more have been forced into mergers (shotgun marriages) with stronger banks; hundreds more are operating as “zombie” institutions-they look like banks and they try to act like banks but they cannot make loans. Most of the “too big to fail” banks based in New York, California, or Atlanta appear to be operating normally, but the truth is…

How to Invest Your Retirement Savings

Whether you have a Roth IRA, a traditional IRA, 401(k) – or any combination of retirement savings accounts – one of the most important things you need to do is to learn how to invest your retirement savings. Unless you’re a financial professional (or make investing your hobby), it’s a challenge to read through all the fund information, choose those that best fit your current – and future – needs, and then determine your retirement saving asset allocation mix. Following are some tips to help you navigate the retirement savings investment waters.

Do You Really Have a Mortgage?

Millions of Americans have already or will likely soon receive a letter from a legal firm representing their mortgage bank asking for help. I received such a letter myself, so I know this is real. The letter will be an admission that the bank has either lost or never had the proper documentation with your signature proving that you actually owe a mortgage balance bound to the property. This document, known as a note, is the legal instrument that secures a real property to a debt owed to a bank. The letter is a clear sign of desperation.

Retirement Planning Tips To Get Started For the Golden Years Ahead

If you are undertaking plans for making arrangements after your retirement, it is important that you carefully consider some of the important points. There are quite a number of essential factors which needs to be kept in mind for making your life after retirement enjoyable and comfortable as well.

Diversifying Your Retirement Savings Portfolio

It’s natural to be worried about your retirement savings given today’s volatile market. With the economy recovering from what many financial experts say may be comparable to the Great Depression it’s important that you reevaluate your retirement budget and take greater control of your financial future.

Planning Your Retirement: Some Aspects That You Must Look Into

Are you thinking of making plans for your retirement? Well it is never too late. It is better that you start planning your retirement as early as possible so that you need not be anxious about your financial condition after retirement.

Why Must I Discount My Promissory Note to Sell It?

To sell a promissory note or a mortgage note it must usually be discounted. Why must I discount my note in order to sell it? What is the justification for the discount? How is the discount computed?

Child Savings Account – Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Are you interested in savings account for your child(s) future but are wondering where to invest? An Indexed Universal Life insurance policy is a great place to secure your child’s financial future.

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