The Ramsey Show (April 13, 2022)

Alternative Investments Should Be Your Core

With interest rates flat lined near zero, investors of all types are competing with each other to chase yields ever lower in desperation of cash flow. Although bond buyers may think they are conservative they are really speculators as buying an asset far above its intrinsic value with the idea that someone else will pay even more is the basic definition of speculating. Even if yields don’t fall from here, there isn’t much to be made waiting 10 years for a 2 percent yield or less – ignoring that inflation is higher than that. This aberration has extended into the corporate bond market where large cap companies are now financing using debt that pays less than their dividends. The end result is that millions of people who lost money over the past decade in stocks and housing are now buying bonds, annuities, and other fixed deposit credit based investments that are guaranteed to disappoint.

5 Things To Know Not To Trap in an Investment Fraud

This article is about essential tips that if followed won’t let investors to trap in an investment scams or frauds. Plus it gives the review of the scam’s descriptions.

Let’s Invest Into New Sources of Energy

The article presents the possibilities of the brand new direction of the investment. That will allow lots of investors to skyrocket their capital in the nearest future.

2 Basic Tips To Avoid an Investment Fraud

This article is about 2 most important tips that if followed won’t let investors to trap in an investment frauds. Plus it gives the review of the scam’s descriptions.

2 Important Tips For FOREX Investment Management

The article is about 2 essential tips that will help investors to manage their inputs in FOREX wisely. Also it gives a review of the FOREX systems and advisors.

What Does Value Investing Mean?

The article gives the review of the long term kind of investments. Plus, it represents the realization of value investment notion.

3 Important Tips About Investment Management

This article is about methods of the market’s analysis. Plus it gives the review of essential market tips.

The Worst 8 Mistakes to Avoid by Investors

The article is about the worst mistakes in investments. Further it presents the ways to avoid them.

Stay in Touch With Basics of Investment

The article is about the basic tips for investors. And also it concerns the difference between active managers and passive ones.

How to Save Up Enough to Retire

With so much uncertainty about where the future is headed, how do we know if we’ve saved up enough money to last us for the rest of our lives? Few of us know what that magic nest egg number should be. Even fewer have even tried to figure out what the number should be. Hiding our heads in the sand is the worst approach to take. Let’s look at some of the biggest issues we should consider to determine if we are saving enough.

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