The Ramsey Show (April 20, 2022)

Retirement Nest Eggs

Retirement nest eggs have been well and truly cracked by the Global Financial Crisis. So much for the financial planners, investment advisers, fund managers etc. supposedly looking after your retirement money.

Retirement Solutions

Retirement Solutions today defy governments around the world. Riots broke out in Greece when government tried to cut the spending budget. France is likely to increase retirement age from 60 to 62 and Canadians are trying to figure it out with logs.

Planning The Funds And Costs Of Care Home Services

Care homes have become an essential part of ones life with shrinking families and medical care requirements. If you are looking for adequate funding for long term care homes, there are numerous issues that need to be understood.

Best Way to Invest Early On

The great thing about investing early on is that you have a lot of options. On top of the options above I would highly suggest looking into investing in a business of some kind and real estate other than your own home. Most people don’t want to even think about owning a business or another home and that is fine, but let me tell you why it is a smart idea.

Retirement Planning To Be Healthy & Wise, Not Just Wealthy

The New Scrooge: Retirement planning that puts you first and the money second is not only possible. It’s indispensable.

UK Pension Auto-Enrollment – Tackling the Saving Problem

Over half of employers and workers support the plans for auto-enrollment to be introduced by 2012. The scheme, through which workers will automatically be enrolled in company pension schemes, aims to secure a comfortable retirement for staff who at present aren’t saving enough. There are presently approximately seven million workers who are not saving in a workplace pension scheme, and this lack of individual retirement planning – coupled with an ever ageing population – is what has prompted fears of a “pension timebomb”.

The Roth IRA Conversion Clock Is Ticking

With only a few months left in 2010, time is running out to take advantage of a valuable and often misunderstood opportunity. Beginning this year, all taxpayers are allowed to convert their traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs, regardless of their income levels. With tax rates scheduled to increase next year and the stock market down year-to-date, anyone who hasn’t considered converting all or some of their IRA should be taking a long, hard look at this opportunity before the end of the year.

Municipal Bond Investing – Is Buying Municipal Bonds Still A Good Idea?

Munis or municipal bonds are not the darlings of the world of investing. Who would talk about munis when you can discuss fancier investments such as options, futures, commodities and even stocks? Read on to learn more…

Step #1 of Layman’s Plan to Retirement Planning – Retirement Vision

Want to build a retirement plan and need a little help? This article is the first step of my 10 Step Layman’s Plan to Retirement. It’s objective is to help you describe your ideal retirement and is written from a layman’s perspective.

Do You Like Paying Taxes?

With over 78 million baby boomers being born between 1946-1964 retirement is on the rise. More people are looking to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. That might not be as easy as it was 20 yrs. ago there was a time you would work for a company 20 or 30 years retire with a pension plan that would provide a good living for the remainder of a person’s life.

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