The Ramsey Show (April 23, 2021)

They Jumped Out of the Boat, But I’m on the Hook!

There is no doubt that there is an incredible amount of excitement and fun to be had while enjoying the great outdoors in a boat speeding across the lake. However, with the pleasure comes responsibility and the liability situations that must be managed can be fairly frightening.

Boat Insurance Buying Guide

Boating is an incredibly popular pastime that members of all age groups can find to be enjoyable, but operating a watercraft without the proper boat insurance can lead to huge problems including unnecessary stress and financial strain. Because it is not mandatory in many states, few operators ever really consider the need for a marine policy.

Know All About Whiplash Injuries!

Whiplash injuries are the resultant factor of car accidents and other types of motor accidents. These injuries usually occur when somebody smashes into the backend of a car. Such accidents cause severe injuries to the driver. The result of the collision is such that the driver is thrown forward and backward. This leads to whiplash injuries.

Know What Comprises Whiplash Injuries!

It is believed that whiplash injuries are the most difficult types of injuries to classify. These types of injuries do not show up immediately. They usually show up after about a day or two. Read further to know about these injuries.

Equipment Liability – What If a Forklift Crashes Into Your Vending Machine?

Proper handling of equipment damage incidents starts at the time of placement. Accidents, vandalism and theft will happen, so I discuss these issues during the sales process and negotiate terms for dealing with them. You need to be comfortable with the placement terms. Generally, our company carries most of the liability – unless malice is involved.

3 Good Reasons Why You Need Vacant Property Insurance

It can be expensive to obtain UK Vacant Property Insurance and for obvious reasons. When you are obtaining insurance for your home you should check to see if it also includes a section for vacant property insurance.

Free Unclaimed Money – How to Find It

The state of California is currently holding over $5 billion dollars in unclaimed money and unclaimed property. The United States document over $23 billion dollars of missing money, unredeemed savings bonds, forgotten bank accounts, unclaimed tax refunds, undelivered Social Security checks, stocks and other assets.

Why Claim Back Your Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance?

For many years the banks and finance companies have been operating a scam that has made them billions in profits. They’ve been selling ordinary people payment protection insurance that they don’t even need but have nevertheless felt obliged to buy. This article examines this outrage in broad outline and suggests how you can claim back thousands in overpaid fees.

Land Insurance

Land Insurance is something that more and more people are looking for these days, especially in the times of personal accident claims and liability claims being made against people. Land Insurance is something that is not very common and there are only a few insurers that can actually offer a quotation on this but it is something that you may feel is necessary or even something that you might wish to insure as a precaution.

Reasons Why You Need Unoccupied Property Insurance Policy

Most often that not, people leave their property to go on a long vacation or for a business trip only to come back and find it ransacked. They are not aware of the insurance policy for unoccupied property.

Why Do You Need Unoccupied Property Insurance?

To begin with, there could be many reasons why your house has become vacant. Just because it is vacant does not make it any less at risk for various types of potential disasters like flood, fire or vandalism. In any event, the need for Unoccupied Property Insurance is most certainly there.

Vacant Property Insurance – Tips to Reduce the Premium Payment

Although vacant properties attract undue attention from thieves and vandalism the vacant property insurance policy is much lower than a normal home insurance policy. This is because most insurance companies find vacant property rife with possibilities of theft, fire, floods etc. Similarly a storm could burst the pipes causing water to flood in the vacant house.

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