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Effective Retirement Planning to Keep Your Retirement Income Stable

It is inevitable that you will age, and it is inexorable that you will want or be forced to retire. So what have you been doing to plan for this event?

Social Security Eligibility – Can a Full-Time Homemaker Collect Social Security?

When Social Security was first established, most families only had one bread-earner, and only the working spouse qualified for retirement benefits. This caused financial difficulties for the spouse who didn’t work (and therefore didn’t qualify for Social Security) if the working spouse passed away first. Thankfully the Social Security Administration recognized this hardship and amended the law to allow wives to collect benefits based on their husband’s earnings.

How an Estate Attorney Can Help Manage Your Assets

If you own assets and real property, it is highly advisable that you engage the services of an attorney to manage your estate.  There are legal implications and taxes to speak about when dealing with an estate and they can get overwhelming for the average person.  Someone who specializes in family law can help out greatly so no errors that may be detrimental to your heirs’ inheritance are committed.

Best Retirement Planning Advice – Top Tips

I was recently asked by someone in the media for my top retirement planning tip. In truth there are many ‘top tips’ but none of them are relevant until you’ve had a conversation about what you want to do in retirement. Picture what your retirement looks like and the rest will quickly fall into place.

Will the Bond Rally Last?

Looking at the chart above, it quite obvious that bonds have outperformed stocks in 2010. The S&P 500 (red line) is down 2 percent while TLT, the ETF for long-term bonds (blue line) has rallied 17 percent since the start of this year.

Retirement – Are You Financially Ready to Retire?

Who do you want to inherit your pension, the insurance companies, the pension companies, the government or your kids? I’m guessing that you and 99.99% of the population would rather leave your pension to your children rather than one of the other parties mentioned, but that’s not how it works on the UK. After many years of saving you may buy an annuity that will pay you a guaranteed income every year until death.

5 Advantages to Using a Financial Planner

Many people do not use financial planners because they are not sure of the advantages, but financial planners have become more popular with many people looking to secure their future. A financial planner is there to help you secure your future so that as you age and enter retirement, you are going to have a nice nest egg built.

Finding the Right Investments For Retirement

If you are at the age of retirement and you want to invest, this is something everybody wants to do, or if they don’t they usually think about it. What stops people are usually the amount of options that are available. There are a lot of on-line resources that can help people figure out and get started with their retirement plans.

Keep These Things in Mind When Considering Early Retirement

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking at early retirement. Despite how overwhelming the desire for this can be, and how confusing it can seem, determining whether you can do this really comes down to some basic math.

How Stakeholder Pensions Can Benefit You?

With the launch of stakeholder pension by the government, there has been a lot of excitement among people who have been awaiting such a release. Stakeholder pensions are long-term investment plan introduced by the government with an intention to serve the mighty desires of people during their retirement.

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