The Ramsey Show (April 6, 2022)

Residual Income – An Income That Remains Over A Long Period Of Time

Success is always achieved by making good investment decisions. The level of success, in turn, depends basically on prudence and efforts of the investor. Not all investments deliver what they promise. Therefore, the need to find a good investment opportunity that generates a continuous flow of investment income, with little or no efforts, is undoubtedly, the best. And cannot be over-emphasized.

How Banks Really Work and Why Banks Are Not a Good Solution for Long Term Investing

With a typical banks’ savings account, you lend the bank money in the form of your deposits and they pay you a guaranteed interest rate (generally less than 1%) and provide you safety in the form of FDIC insurance. Banks then lend that same money that you loaned them over and over again for massive profit.

Savings Are Not Investments and You Should Not Rely Solely on Them for Your Future

Do you know what would happen to your saving account if inflation soared? You would lose money. Yeah, that is right, lose money. Maybe it is better to start finding the right investment for you right away.

5 Steps of Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning process starts from understanding & examining your current situation, gathering relevant financial information, setting up financial goals (short term & long term) and finalizing a plan in detail. This will cover how to meet the financial goals in the current situation and future plans. Step by Step approach – Financial Planning Process Set specific and quantifiable goals You should have a specific targets of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it.

Asset Allocation Myths You Need To Avoid

Today, I want to take a closer look at mistakes that could cost you big money when it comes to your financial security and a worry free retirement. This might be a little controversial, and that’s okay. My purpose here is to get you thinking, and maybe further review and evaluate your own situation.

Self Directed Retirement Accounts

The purpose of this article is to give the reader a few ideas of what they can do with a self-directed retirement account. Before we get into the idea’s part thought, let’s first discuss a little bit about what a self-directed account is and what it can and can’t do.

Still Putting Money In Your 401K? Are You Crazy?

It’s amazing to me that folks are still investing the same way, with the same firms, or any investment firm, after the economic debacle that we have experienced. Hell, give me your money, I can invest it and lose 30%-50%, just like Wall Street did. If you think Wall Street has changed it’s tune, think again. Nothing has changed. Why? Simple. Because human nature doesn’t change. Greed is still greed. Playing with your money matters not to Wall Street. If they lose your money, there’s always someone else to pickpocket. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. “I don”t know how” you say? Quite obviously, neither does Wall Street. If they did, you would still be retiring on time.

5 Things Not To Do Financially

Money is tight. Everyone knows that but nobody seems to know what to do about it. I was recently in the market for Georgia Financial Services, specifically North GA Insurance.

Bond Funds Or Bond Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)?

During the last 10 years, new bond ETFs submerged the market to compete with bond funds. The major ETF players such as iShares, PowerShares, Vanguard to name a few, went after the mutual fund firms to win the war of asset under management of this vast bond market. Are bond ETFs worth it?

Retirement: Why You Need to Plan Now

You may not want to, but people of all ages need to start thinking and planning for retirement. What do you want to do with your time and freedom? Travel? Spend more time with family? Volunteer? Being financially prepared can make all the difference in what kind of retirement you will have.

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