The Ramsey Show (December 1, 2021)

Are Sluggish Earnings The Beginning Of The End?

I, like many investors, professional and individual alike, have been skeptically bullish on this global QE/stimulus/money printing driven market for 4 years now, and all with one hand on the sell button. Although I may have missed some of the upside by focusing on investments that pay higher than normal dividends and interest, it has been the goal to participate while taking less risk.

Social Security’s Gift to Married Couples: The Spousal Benefit

One of the benefits of being married is that you can share your spouse’s Social Security benefits. If you are close to retirement age, you should be aware that there are various benefits available to spouses, including divorced or surviving spouses. With Social Security making up approximately 40% of American’s retirement income, it’s important to understand and maximize your benefits.

BEWARE: Traditional Pensions Have Changed – The Current Format May Affect Your Retirement Plan

How many times have you run in fear when a professional attempted to speak with you regarding retirement planning? Chances are you were thinking you were too young to consider discussing the issue at that time. The following information will shed a little light on the subject and possibly spark a change of heart for you. Many companies and the federal government have replaced traditional pension plans. The replacement plans have come in various forms of 401k plans. In the midst of the current economic crisis, trillions of dollars have evaporated from these kinds of accounts. As a society, it is definitely time to adjust our thinking regarding company backed retirement plans. We all deserve a comfortable retirement. Such comfort is most available to those who are proactive in learning the sources of income that will be available to us. Learning about retirement funding can be intimidating for the average person. After all, we still have to live TODAY. Concerns for daily living, purchasing homes, cars, and raising children come first. Secondary concerns may be planning for your children’s college tuition, and or aging parents. So, is retirement planning realistic for you?

Retirement Planning – A Bliss!

Importance of Retirement Planning. The 3 step process for Retirement Planning.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your 401(k)

Courts say employees have no right to nonpublic data about their employer, even if the company offers them its stock for investment. Even though ERISA holds employers to a certain level of fiduciary duty, your employer is not your financial adviser.

The Retirement Money That Never Was

A short anecdote about what happens to the retirement money received after retiring from work. This is written with the intention of sharing the author’s personal experience and at the same time giving a well meaning warning to the readers who are on the retiring age.

When and Why Is a Promissory Note Appraisal Required?

IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60. Factors Affecting Note Valuation. Other Cash Flow Financial Instruments Requiring Valuations. Other Cash Flow Financial Instruments-Not Promissory Note Related. What Professional Appraisal Services Should You Expect?

3 Things You Need To Know As a Poor Stock Market Investor

As a poor investor, there are 3 very simple things you can do to make yourself a better investor right now. No special knowledge required – these simple rules are the foundation for all successful stock investors on a budget.

God Help Pensioners In the Future Because the Governments Won’t Be Able

The teachers union in California, CalPERS, had a very interesting way to determine what its pension fund would look like in the year 2100. Unfortunately someone took the current chart and graph of the uptick in the stock market around 2005 and charted a course along that average incline, and took it all the way into the year 2100 showing the Dow at 90,000 or some ridiculous thing. The problem with that is nothing ever goes up forever, and it was misinterpreting the reality of the changes in the United States, specifically the demographic shift, not to mention the fact that we do go through recessions every 3 to 5 years and depressions every few decades.

Alternatives to a Pension

What are the alternatives to a pension? You may not trust a private pension to provide the future income you need, or you may be looking around for additional assets that could be used to provide you with extra income in retirement. The big advantage of a pension is that contributions are free. An ISA also offers similar tax benefits but it is the income rather than the contributions that are tax free.

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