The Ramsey Show (December 14, 2021)

Retirement Investing Needs a New Plan – Make Promissory Notes Part of Your Plan

America’s Household Wealth Has Been Vanishing. Only Very Low Interest Rates Interest Rates Are Available. Has Your Retirement Investment Account Been Growing? What are The Benefits of Note Investing? If you always do what you always did – you’ll always get what you always got! ~ Unknown.

Retirement Planning – Securing Your Future

One of the most important aspects of wealth management planning is sorting out funds for your later life. If you get your retirement planning right, you can avoid a struggle and enjoy the things you want.

The Attack on Your Social Security That’s Not Usually Discussed by the Media

Yes, you and I both know that Social Security needs fixed and the powers that be don’t seem to be able to do the job. But, let me tell you something you might not know, how, and at what levels your Social Security gets taxed. Why discuss this? Well, other than voting for the person that champions your views, you don’t have much control over the first Social Security problem, but you have some degree of control over the second.

A Paradigm Shift of Income Planning

It is no secret that the traditional pension plan is pretty much unheard of in the private sector. Today, your only real hopes of receiving a pension are through a government job. Even at that, state and federal governmental authorities are struggling to make the payments on a monthly basis.

Protect Your Nest Egg – Multiply Your Income

If you are counting on the interest earned from you savings account to live on, or to supplement your other income, or to help fund your retirement account, you are now, and probably have been, very, vary disappointed. If your financial plan depends on earning 6% to 7% interest, and you are now earning 1% to 2%, you had better start looking for a new investing tool. What worked for you yesterday is not working for you today.

Protect Your Retirement Portfolio

United States and global markets are wildly fluctuating. We’re still climbing out of a recession. And unfortunately, each time we review our retirement records, we see that our portfolios have taken a horrendous, downward spiral. Today, we’re doing everything we can to reach a leveling off point. Things look more promising. The recessionary dominoes appear to be standing fast. Or are they? Or, are we simply at an impasse that is nothing more than a pre-election pause that will transform to yet another downhill slide in the coming years? What should we do now? A part of the solution is to protect what we do have by utilizing personal record keeping software to help ensure that nothing is ever lost.

Why Maslow’s Theory Contradicts Traditional Retirement Planning

For many, the approach to retirement planning is in direct conflict to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The approach to retirement is working counter intuitive to the traditional planning approach. For the first time since the 1920’s, the American employee is approaching retirement without the basic core needs being addressed.

How To Achieve Early Retirement With Financial Freedom Vo.2

Have you already seen my “How To Achieve Early Retirement With Financial Freedom Vo.1”? Then you are aware of the basic rationale – how to reduce dependency on your daily job by increasing the return on your whole asset. Now you need the Strategies to achieve it. So I’ll articulate the best logical step by step planning, starting up by defining your financial objectives which allow you to develop proper Strategies, Tactics & Action Plans accordingly.

Why SIPP Pensions Are More Satisfying Than Standard Pensions

If someone told you that you had to spend the rest of your life shopping in Aldi or you could drive any car as long as it was a Ford, would you be satisfied? Well it’s a bit like that with standard pensions when you compare them to SIPP pensions.

Should You Have a Retirement Plan?

The very idea of retirement is of modern times, as prior to the 19th century, a retirement plan was unheard of. In those times, people worked till they became physically unable or died. Higher life expectancy and the many pension policies that are available have made the retirement plan a part of a person’s career planning. There is a greater necessity to save for the rainy day and for the time when you cannot be gainfully employed.

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