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Investing for Cash Income With Promissory Notes – Investing Valuation and Appraisal

In today’s economy cash income is king. If you need some additional income monthly to cover living expenses—cash is king; if you need to save for a special future event, such as college expenses, or replacing an old car—cash is king; if you need to save for your retirement—cash is king.

Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Essentials – Profitable Notes Don’t Happen by Accident

Profitable Promissory Notes Don’t Happen by Accident. There is a direct correlation between the quality of the collateral security and the Fair Market Value of the note. Bad or inadequate collateral equals big note discounts. Key Collateral Security Considerations.

UK Student Accommodation – The Clever Investors’ Route to Making Money

Students see going to university as an investment in their future and increasing numbers opting to study rather than take a job when leaving college. However this also creates an opportunity to make money from student property as demand just keeps on rising.

All You Need to Know About Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

This article is designed to educate the novice investor about Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP). The key features and structures of SIPPs are presented alongside the main benefits and weaknesses.

Death of the Traditional Pension Plan

The traditional pension plan is a concept from the past that is likely to never come back to the American culture. The concept of the pension plan is ingrained into the fabric of our country’s roots, and Generation X is going to be the first generation in US history that will not experience the benefits of this retirement plan.

Why Financial Planning Will Fail Many Retirement Dreams

Most financial planners who work with current or converted (usually to an IRA) deferred compensation plans are utilizing a planning system that is missing a vital component. Most of their clients do not have an income stream, or pension, for retirement. Rule number one in investing; don’t put up what you cannot afford to lose.

Financial Planning or Casino Consultant – Stock Market Volatility Leaves Questions Unanswered

Well, when you look at the VIX or stock market volatility Index it is just amazing how much it bounces around, and often for no apparent reason. Sure, you can come up with reasons such as events around the world things like China lowering their interest rates for their banks, Greece debt, the Fed chairman’s latest speech, or the banks in Spain severely challenged for liquidity. Nevertheless, when it comes right down to it the technical analysts are usually right, most of the time, and they don’t even need to consider what’s happening in the real world.

Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Essentials – A “Blueprint” to Maximize Value – Part Two

Discount Explained. Fundamental Causes of Discounts. Essential Concepts for Promissory Note Appraisal and Valuation. Borrower’s Financial Condition. Collateral Security.

Creative Solutions To High Retirement Housing Costs

How can you reduce your cost of housing, or even get your house to earn income, so you can plan for a more comfortable retirement? Reduce your housing budget so you can make your retirement more comfortable.

Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Essentials

A “Blueprint” to Maximum Fair Market Value-Part One. Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Essentials. Fair Market Value Can Be Much Less Than Cost. What is a promissory note? What are the key elements that maximize the fair market value of a promissory note?

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