The Ramsey Show (December 16, 2021)

Why Caribbean Luxury Property Is A Haven For SIPP Pensions

Property investors have been on something of a rollercoaster ride since 2007, so much so that many are losing confidence in where to invest their money. For those looking at the long term, however, SIPP pensions invested in luxury property around the world can insulate from the drama in Europe.

Self Managed Super Funds – What Are the Benefits of SMSF’s?

What most of us understand as Super Funds are set up by a central trustee for the benefits of all the members. The difference for a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is that the Trustee could be you.

The Accumulation Phase Is the Missing Link

Most of us grew up with the illusion that if you get an education, you’ll work for a great company and enjoy a comfortable retirement. Those days are over. Education (the introduction phase) still is a vital step in preparing for your career path; however, working your entire life in exchange for a pension plan is an envied dream to most Americans today, and nothing more.

Is QROPS the Answer to Your NHS Pension?

The NHS pension scheme is one of the largest in Europe and like most public sector schemes is under massive strain. What does the government have in mind to tackle the problem and how will it impact individual members?

Fear and Greed on Wall Street

A recent online article from CNN Money titled “Fear and Greed Index” (index that measures the investor’s fear or confidence while in the market) illustrates an accurate description of what is happening on Wall Street. Because of the recent volatility stemming around Greece and the Euro, and unemployment domestically, the fear and greed index for investors is all the way in the red (extreme fear). This means that investors as a whole do not put much faith in the outcome of their investments. Bottom line, volatility has become a normal event investors are unwilling to tolerate moving forward.

4 Deadly Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – Best Promissory Note Investing Guidelines

The Ugly Truth: Promissory note investing is not as easy as stock market investing. What’s in it for me-is there a payoff for me? The short answer is yes, there is a reward for you. Investing Guidelines that Avoid Four Key Mistakes. If you don’t understand it, don’t invest in it! Investing risk comes from what you don’t know.

Price Is What You Pay – Value Is What You Get

Core Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Principles. Lack of understanding is the problem. Most investors are tricked into believing that price equals value. Most investors have not done their homework. Most Private Party Promissory Notes Are Discounted.

8 Ways of Finding Buyers for Your Distressed Property Notes

Those with access to distressed property notes from banks can pick them up at incredible discounts today but flipping them for a profit requires a strong pool of buyers on call. Where can you find them at? Those new to the note buying business are often under the impression they can flip any note they can get their hands on to big companies seen on TV for big profits but this rarely the case.

Why You Never Want to Break Even on Your Portfolio

With respect to your portfolio, if properly structured, you can have a volatile market work to your advantage. Many investors today have been lucky to break even over the last 12 years, and the end of the financial crisis is nowhere in sight.

Joint Life Annuities: Protecting Your Loved One’s Future

As you grow old with your partner, you tend to share more and more. In addition to possibly sharing a home, you might share a car and a number of financial products. Joint bank accounts and joint mortgages are a prominent notion amongst with many couples. However the financial offerings for loved ones do not stop there. Many people opt for joint life annuities in later life in order to protect their partner in the event that the worst should occur. Although we all hope that we will be able to look after our loved ones as long as we live, we cannot predict the future. This is why many people decide to take measures within their control in order to provide for their spouses regardless of what the future holds.

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