The Ramsey Show (December 2, 2021)

Beginner Investing Help

Investing is actually a fairly simple concept to understand. Basically, when you invest, you’re putting your money to work and it’s probably a different way of making money that most people are used to.

Nudging Retirement Savings: A New Approach to Pensions

Most individuals are not saving enough for retirement. This article proposes a hybrid pension model that redefines the defined benefit plan.

Taking Control Of 401(K) Fees

More than 60 million Americans have 401(k) plans. I bet only a few actually know the costs associated with their plans or how those costs can impact their retirements.

Valuing Illiquid Assets – How and Why

What is a Liquid Asset? Stocks, bonds, gold, silver, corn, and pork bellies are examples of liquid assets. Liquid assets trade (are bought and sold) on public markets. Prices and sales volumes get reported hourly and daily. An actual financial transaction represents value. No appraisal is not needed.

“Qualified Appraisal” By a “Qualified Appraiser”

Appraisal for Gifts, Estates, and Probate. Property Requiring Appraisal. “Qualified Appraiser” Required. “Qualified Appraiser” Defined. Individuals Excluded from Providing Appraisals.

Retirement Planning: Things To Do When You Retire

When you reach your golden age, you simply can’t wait to do what you’ve always dreamed of. Let us not jump into that dream yet without making a thorough retirement planning. Try to rethink the definition of retirement today compared centuries ago.

Note Value Using Applicable Federal Interest Rates (AFR)

Promissory Note Valuation for Estate, Gift & Bankruptcy. Note’s Unpaid Balance Not Fair Market Value. Real World Promissory Note Valuation Factors. Factors Causing Discounts.

Planning for Pensions and Investment Before, During and After Retirement

The wise employees would plan for their pension and investment early to receive better returns. Pension funds take some time in developing into a sizeable figure for a good investment return. Hence, the wise individuals would consider a good investment plan before, during and after their retirement to ensure a sufficiency of income to last their whole life.

Hiring Pensions and Investment Consultants

Before one gets into retirement, it is wise to consider some professional assistance in securing financial freedom and security when retirement sets in. There are plenty of independent financial advisors and consultants in the market to assist in converting one’s pension into attractive investments which could ensure a stable lifestyle after retirement. Professional advisors If an individual is unsure of the possible financial paths to take on during retirement stage, a professional financial advisor or pensions and investment consultant would be a helpful choice to kick start the retirement investment plan.

A Simple Guide to UK Self Invested Personal Pensions

Self Invested Personal Pensions can be difficult to understand. This short guide reflects the main points and highlights who, where, how and why.

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