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Valuation Discounts on Promissory Notes for Estate and Gift Taxes

Fundamental Concepts of Tax Valuation and Planning. Three basic fundamentals of estate and gift tax planning.What is a Promissory Note? What Factors Determine the Note’s Value? Discounts Applied to the Income Stream— Discounts Are Big-Money Issues.

Warning Signs of Stockbroker Fraud

You’re really excited: You’ve talked with a great stockbroker and, though the investment is a little complex, it sounds like the perfect investment for you. The stockbroker promises high returns at a low risk, and the returns should come soon-this time next year, you’ll be sitting on the beach somewhere. The stockbroker is really trustworthy and has told you a lot about the other people who have succeeded using this same kind of investment.

Online Tools Help Prevent Investment Fraud

Investing your money is a big commitment and nothing is worse than finding that you’ve fallen victim to investment fraud. The best way to make sure that your money is safe is to check the validity and security of all investments before you commit-no matter how good or credible they seem. The Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) provide user-friendly online tools that you can use to check the authenticity of your stockbroker and the investment opportunity.

Filing For Bankruptcy – How Retirement Accounts Are Affected

It appears these days the average age of retirement has risen. Where once people decided to hang up their briefcases in their mid-fifties, people now are working up to the age of seventy, and often even longer than that. This may happen out of necessity or because people simply want to work and enjoy the interaction and activity – whatever the reason, the work still allows one to save money in a 401k in the event one does decide to retire. What if, however, a person experiences financial difficulties that result in filing for bankruptcy? Will all that hard-earned money disappear to satisfy debts, leaving nothing for the future?

What to Do If You Start Saving Late For Retirement

According to a 2009 study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, 51% of early boomer households face a retirement with lower living standards. Most experts attribute this phenomenon to a failure to save properly. While it’s true that most of us could do better on the saving front, that horse has left the barn so to speak. Here’s what to do when you realize your savings/investments cannot properly support your own fast-approaching retirement.

Real Estate Is Always An Investment – Always Treat It As Such

Real estate is usually one the first and largest investments that a person usually makes in their lifetime, and we should always remember that it is an investment, first and foremost. When purchasing real estate, one should always remove any emotion as far away from the transaction as possible. In order for real estate to be a profitable investment, one needs to know as much about the mechanics of the transaction as possible.

Should You Delay Taking Social Security?

The media is currently buzzing about how you should delay taking Social Security until age 70 in order to maximize your monthly benefit. Let’s examine a fairly typical retiree and determine if it pays to postpone receiving Social Security checks. However, we’ll include a factor that is rarely considered – the time value of money.

Why Purchasing an Income Annuity May Not Make Sense

Guaranteed income annuities (also known as immediate fixed annuities) are becoming increasingly popular as a result of recent stock market volatility. But for retirees looking to guarantee themselves a monthly income, is purchasing an annuity from a private insurance company the best use of a nest egg?

Retirement – How To Create Permanent Financial Security

Ok. So you’ve been working very hard trying to save as much as you can for your future and your retirement? You figure this will be a guarantee for you to enjoy your golden retirement years when it comes? But, only now you realized that you have fallen short of your retirement projections. You realize that all your savings and penny-pinching still is not enough. You are now stressing because you realized that you just won’t have enough money saved to live comfortable after retirement. Worse, you know that once you retire, you won’t have enough…

Creating Your Retirement Wealth From The Comfort Of Your Home

Looking for a way to increase your nest egg and secure a lucrative retirement portfolio with little effort? Then this information is for you. First and foremost, this investment strategies that are about to learn, are known as ‘The Best Investments In America’ You are about to learn the inside secrets of how the rich create and secure their wealth. For over 100 years, this little known secret has created millionaires and has provided a lifestyle for these folks that most people can only dream about…

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