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IRA – The Reliable Retirement Investment Vehicle

Individual Retirement Account’s (IRA) are a valuable tool provided to enhance retirement savings. There are two different Individual Retirement Account classifications, and both have their distinct advantages.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Retirement Investing

Investing for retirement can be very confusing. You may know that you should be doing it, but you may be so confused on how to do it that you don’t even bother.

The 401(K) Trap

Are we turning a blind eye to the mistakes made by our parents and grandparents? Why are traditional money managers telling us to ignore the fact that qualified retirement plans have been cut in half over the past few years and continue to contribute to these very plans?

Social Security – Will It Run Out Before You Retire?

If you are worried about Social Security running out, you have a lot of company. I am concerned myself. I think it is imperative that all retirees and potential retirees develop some type of income that supplements Social Security. You can always depend on your self, I wouldn’t have the same confidence in the government.

Investing Pearls for the Young Professional

So you spent some of your best years mastering your trade. Now you have finally reached a point in your life where you will have disposable income. Most of us have no experience with the investment world. It can be quite daunting to formulate a plan that will one day allow us to retire comfortably. In an era when it is not wise to depend on Social Security for your retirement, how does one start a sensible plan to build a nest egg?

7 Key Promissory Note Questions and Answers

What sort of attorney should I use? Should I use a private party promissory note expert?

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opting for a Home Equity Release

A home equity release can often be the saving grace to many retired folks. However, because it is such a big decision, you have to think from every single perspective before you choose to go ahead with it. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

Should You Consider an Equity Release?

A lot of people find that their pension fund, savings & investments are not quite enough to meet the demands of retirement, and especially old age. Thus, more and more people are willing to consider equity release as a means to draw out income from their major asset-their home.

Calculating Your Equity Release – What Does the Number Crunching Entail?

The lack of a retirement plan or difficult circumstances can make many people thankful for the option of having a home that they can use to tide over financial difficulties. And an equity release helps you do just that. However, in order to ensure that the deal is worth it, you need to ensure you understand exactly what you are getting…

Equity Release Schemes – How Your House Can Help You With Retirement?

Although not one of the best choices around, equity releases are more of a damage-control vehicle than a retirement plan. However, as far as damage control vehicles go, they are the soundest. Take a look at the features of equity release schemes:

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