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Retirement Planning Calculators – From Matchboxes to Monte Carlo

Using retirement planning calculators from the simplest, most basic simple arithmetic to highly complex computer models people are trying to establish whether they will have enough money for retirement. Whatever method you use, doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Retirement Needs: How Your Own Business Can Fund Retirement

Are you among the 78 million Baby Boomers who are struggling financially even before retirement age arrives? Do you worry about ending up in your daughter’s spare room when you’re 68? Now is the time to really look into alternatives for funding your retirement years and thousands of Boomers are choosing to build their own businesses. It’s not that hard to learn how.

Retirement Income – Two Myths About Retirement Income Exposed

Do bonds offer safe retirement income? Are stocks too risky for retirees? Read this article to learn the truth about what’s safe and what’s not for retirement income.

Common Annuity FAQ’s

An annuity is one of those products that almost seem too good to be true with its guarantee on your principal deposit and accrued interest, and its high potential for earning interest, there are a few questions that consumers ask to better understand how this can be real. This article will provide the answer to the question I hear the most concerning annuities.

Retirement Investment: Save Your Money Well

In retirement investment, strategic planning always works best. Saving your money as early as possible will guarantee growth in your investments whether you choose gold or silver, savings accounts, stocks, or bonds. Knowing how to invest your money is crucial because nowadays, our economy is unstable.

How to Plan for Retirement: Evaluate Your Priorities

Knowing how to plan for retirement strategically means that you have set your goals and priorities for retirement. Everyone should start saving as early as they possibly can, and settle all loans or debts so as not to affect the money they will allot for their retirement funds. Experts believe that retirement is a transitional phase in the work life.

Coverage of the Baby Boomers Retirement

Baby boomers are those born in any period marked with a great increase in birth rate. Compared to other generations, baby boomers claim that they still plan on working even after their retirement. Baby boomers retirement for those who were born in the United States between 1946 and 1964 consider it as another phase in their work life.

Benefits You Can Avail From Self Employed Retirement Plans

Over the past few years, many companies all over the world have shed millions of jobs, affecting the economy. Others opted for self employment since the competition for landing a job has become tougher. In addition to that, self employed retirement plans has also started to become a trend for many individuals.

Retirement Investment Options and Get Your Money’s Worth

There are many retirement investment options that you can choose in preparing for your retirement. Whether you choose to invest in stocks, bonds, or cash, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that go with each, depending on the current status of the economy. Read more to know about the different investment options that you can avail.

Planning for Retirement: Security for the Future

Retirement planning pertains to allocating your finances and other assets for your retirement. Investing for retirement means that you want to be assured of your financial independence in the future. Planning for retirement requires that a person meet certain criteria such as readiness for retirement and early planning actions.

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