The Ramsey Show (February 8, 2022)

Four Economic Truths About Today’s Retirement

There are four economic truths about our retirement that we can’t escape. No matter how well prepared we may have thought we were, it would have been very difficult to plan for some of the events that we now encounter as we proceed into our retirement years. However, that doesn’t mean that we are destined to live our retirement in “quiet desperation.”

Choosing the Right Retirement Financial Planner Makes All the Difference

Although your hairdresser may be a very nice person, they are probably not the right person to ask when trying to figure out your retirement plan. And yes, what they say about the wisdom of the crowd works in many cases, and perhaps your hairdresser does have a crowd of clientele filling up her appointment book. You see, if your hairdresser really knew that much about financial management, perhaps she would be cutting hair anymore, so there’s that.

Rebuild Your Retirement Income and Portfolio

Even if you are completely risk-averse and no longer want to take on the risks associated with higher yielding investments, you can still use your available cash to pursue growth opportunities as opposed to just holding onto a plain cash position that you draw on and deplete quickly over time. The first step to re-entering the markets and getting back on track with your short- and long- terms goals is to accept that the economic and investment environment is changing.

Set Your IRA Income In Motion To Create Worry Free Mailbox Money

Worry free IRA income is what saving for retirement is all about. When you envisioned your retirement, were you thinking about how difficult it was going to be to maintain your income levels? Were you picturing being worried about your IRA income due to the market being down 2 or 3 years at a time?

Retirement Transition: Living Your New Life

After years of success in the workplace, you’re finally retiring. Your retirement has probably been carefully planned and anticipated, especially in the financial arena. During your working life, chances are you checked your retirement savings plan on occasion to determine its consistency with your long-term goals. Now that you’re retired, the first five years will require ongoing evaluation and, potentially, adjustments.

Retire In Style

When I retire I want to afford to do what most retirees do. I want to have all my bills paid off and have money to travel.

Wading Through Crazy Investment Chatter To Keep From Losing Money

Creating your IRA income is somewhat of an art! There isn’t one way that will work for everyone. Your asset mix and income needs are unique to you.

Investing in Municipal Bonds For Tax Free Income

Municipal bonds provide a safe and reliable way to earn tax free interest and protect your capital. A great bond broker can alert you to new bond offerings and good tax free income investments.

Investing for Retirement Income – Part 1

A sense of security comes from seeing a regular monthly income from your investment portfolio. Especially when one is retired or is dependent on investment income to meet everyday expenses.

Investing IN Retirement, Not Just FOR Retirement

There’s more to retirement than saving money and investing it wisely. These things are important, of course. And yet, if you have no idea what you want your retirement to look like, what you want to be doing during your retirement years, and who you want to be doing it with, the money you set aside will be meaningless and will bring you very little joy or satisfaction! It’s important to think about these things before the retirement period of your life. It’s important to invest a sizable amount of time, energy, and focus on what will bring meaning and purpose to your life now, and when these ideas are more firmly planted in your mind, it’s important to begin implementing the types of skills, passions, and behaviors which will continue to create a good life after you retire.

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