The Ramsey Show (February 9, 2022)

Promissory Note Investing – Buying A Note

There is no such thing as “Smart Money”–only smart people–the money goes where they go. A promissory note investor has two options–buy an existing note or originate a new note. Let’s look at the advantages of buying an existing promissory note.

Gear Yourself Up for Creating a Decent Retirement

You’ve moved past 55 years old and fast approaching retirement age. But you’re way behind on savings because of hard times, neglect, or financial catastrophe. What do you do now to salvage some financial security for your later years? Create a philosophy of success!

What Are Public Sector Pension Schemes Really Worth These Days?

The ‘Job for Life Fairy’ who has so appealing fluttered around Public Sector organisations in recent years seems to have flown. It seems she might have made off with the family silver as well. Changes are now looking likely to the public sector pension schemes that could affect those workers who manage to circumnavigate the already legendary cuts that local government and other public bodies are facing. Life for those who remain is going to be no fairy-tale.

Get Rid of Unpaid Credit Card Debt

If you are retiring you will want to be sure to leave your debt behind. Pay off your Credit Card Debt!

IRA Income Tips For The Nearly Retired

How to create your IRA income can be one of the biggest worries when you get close to retirement. There is so much varying information on how much money you need and when you can retire that it can be confusing and frustrating! Basically you need money to retire but how much do you need and how much do you need your investments to grow during retirement?

What to Do If Your Company Pension Scheme Is Closed, Frozen or Wound Up

Saving for your retirement is increasingly important these days and with an aging population we can no longer afford to hope that the state pension will supply us with a satisfactory retirement income. Until recently company pension schemes have been the sensible way to save for retirement. By simply ticking a box when starting a job you can sign up and relax – your future is secure. Recently, however, there has been a worrying trend that has seen company pension schemes closing, being frozen or even being wound up. This is now even set to affect the once secure public sector. If any of these things has happened or does happen to your pension it is important to understand the implications and take action as soon as possible. As they say – time is money.

Never Too Young to Save For Retirement

If you are wondering when it is time to start planning for retirement, the answer is yesterday! All joking aside, it is never too early to begin a nest egg that you can hatch when it is time to stop working and enjoy your golden years. Recent reports are showing that Americans are having to often postpone retirement and work more years than expected, even if just part-time to make ends meet. Some of the blame can be put on the recent volatility of the investment markets. But, also at fault are consumer’s high credit card debts, low rates of personal savings, and lack full participation in employee-sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k) plans.

One in Five People Retiring This Year Is Relying on Their State Pension

If you’re under 30 and love your job you’re probably too busy working and enjoying life to think about your pension. The prospect of working until you are 70 or 80 perhaps doesn’t faze you either. If you are between 45 and 60, your pension is probably already giving you the odd sleepless night.

Will International Investment Funds Be Hampered by the Tsunami in Japan and Unrest in the Mid East?

The West’s response to the unrest in the Middle East has been fascinating. While the US has adopted a policy of “Assisted Democracy” in the last few years it has been noticeably reserved when it comes to the sudden, unexpected spread of democracy across the Arab world. The worldwide response to the Humanitarian disaster in Japan has been more consistent. The sheer level of destruction and the scale of the crisis in the worlds’ third largest economy have shocked individuals and governments alike. As Japan reels from the disaster and attempts to stop its vital nuclear industry going into meltdown, and as the Middle East sees far-reaching and significant political upheaval, many are wondering what the next financial year holds in store for the international financial markets.

5 Ways To Build Back Your Retirement By Making Money Online From Home

There are ways you can build back your retirement and still enjoy the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. You can build back your retirement with a home based business. Your retirement years are supposed to be the golden years – the years in which you have the freedom and flexibility to travel and enjoy life, not answer to a boss or stare at cubicle walls. A home based business allows you to have the freedom and flexibility you desire while still building income streams that will fund the lifestyle you desire. Here are five steps you can take to rebuild your future on the Internet.

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