The Ramsey Show (January 10, 2022)

Annuity Rates – How Timing Can Reduce Your Income

The timing of an annuity purchase could mean 43% less income for a pensioner buying an annuity today, making a significant difference to the amount income you receive over your lifetime compared to buying an annuity at other times. Annuity rates have been decreasing for many years now and this has directly reduced the buying power of a pensioner’s pension fund. In addition many pensioners remain invested in equities right up to the time they purchase an annuity at retirement and over this same period equities have also decreased.

Retirement Success Equals Multiple Sources Of Income

Retirement can be a scary event for many people. If you are planning on your Social Security check to cover your monthly expenses, you may be in for a rude awakening. If you have a company pension along with social security it will be better, but those plans are disappearing or shrinking every year. The good news is that if you plan properly, you could have easily three or more income sources when you retire. Here is how.

Blueprint To An Early Retirement – Seven Steps To Success

The single biggest obstacle to a successful retirement is procrastination. For over 30 years I have helped individuals and their families plan for retirement and the most common complaint is that they wished they had started sooner. Use this simple blueprint to help get you started and keep you moving in a positive direction.

The 4 Reasons You Will Never Retire

Maybe you’re in your 20s. Maybe you’re in your 50s. Either way, you’re probably not going to retire if things stay the way they are. There are four big reasons why most people can never fully retire, and here they are. Knowing these will equip you to avoid these common pitfalls and eventually be able to retire.

Annoy Your Financial Advisor in 2012 – Buy Investment Trusts

More to the point though, there are plenty of investment vehicles out there which, on average, are cheaper than the ones advisors recommend and, on average, have far better long term performance. So why don’t these products get recommended then? The simple and sad truth is that it all comes down to money again – these superior, yet cheaper products don’t pay commission to financial advisors. So once again, I say – so much for professionalism.

Investing in Autographs – A Beginner’s Guide

Investing in autographs can be very profitable, and fun too, but how can you be sure that what you are buying is authentic? The author lists some of the ways in which you can steer clear of the fakers, and create a valuable portfolio of interesting autographs with good future profit potential, all based on his own 20 plus years full time experience.

Convenience During Retirement Guaranteed With Immediate Annuity

After retirement, many individuals have to face the problems of dependencies. Immediate annuities are the schemes that have been introduced for the retirees in order to ensure the best life after getting released from work. With immediate annuity, the retirees can be benefited extremely in monetary terms.

Deferred Annuities Offers to Minimize the Hassles of Retirement

The above piece highlights the need of the old age investor and the possible returns he will get by investing some part of his lifetime savings in deferred annuities. With the option of tax at withdrawal will make this investment get the long term investment tag and let him earn a fixed return.

2012 Outlook For High Yield Dividend Paying Stocks for Retirement

What are factors impacting the markets as we head into 2012? What do we know for sure? How to determine which stocks are best for your portfolio? What metrics should I use in evaluating stocks?

4 Steps to Getting Rich and Moving Abroad

Saving money is tough! Its not easy to save up a significant amount if you have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and all the other necessary evils that take money out of our lives. However, there are definite ways in which you can improve your money saving skills, and be able to create enough savings (using debt elimination tactics and 1% saving techniques) to be able to move to step two: generating passive income.

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