The Ramsey Show (January 11, 2022)

How to Retire Early Without Having to Live Frugally

People are constantly complaining about the cost of living and finding that they are living beyond their means so the question is, should your income stop how long would you survive on your current savings and when you retire how much will you have to live on and will your pension be enough to live a comfortable life? You may want to start doing things differently such as put extra funds aside, self manage your super fund, invest in appreciating assets, look at other ways to add to your income and learn from the experts and mentors by reading and asking lots of questions.

How Workers Today Often Don’t Have Adequate Savings

More and more people work for companies who don’t have pension plans or they’re self-employed and have nothing. As a result, there are a number of employees out there who don’t have the proper savings in place to be able to enjoy retirement the way they once hoped that they could. There is hope, however, with the Federal Government introduction of PRPP (Pooled Registered Pension Plan).

401-K Hardship Withdrawals Are Bridging The Gap

America’s financial crisis will improve eventually as will the job market although it may take years of government intervention to do so. From it people will find new opportunities for employment and the country will find new avenues to retirement savings like 401-K, health care and investing.

Effective Wealth Generation For A Profitable Retirement Fund

Building a retirement fund is often one of the most overlooked financial planning today. Workers generally rely on their pension plans without even thinking about venturing into other investments. If you have more than just a simple pension fund, you are guaranteed to retire with a financially stable life. A proven and effective wealth generation method is through investments and you can build your retirement fund from this so you can support your lifestyle even after retirement.

Creating Your OWN Retirement Plan

How can someone create their own retirement plan? When I say create your own retirement plan I mean making use of all the retirement options available to all people. It is time to depend on your own resources instead of just the government or your employer for your retirement income.

Salvaging Your Retirement – Basic Tips to Help You Save Now

Regarding retirement accounts, the earlier you commence, the more well off you are going to be. Even so, for some, problems have impeded their capacity to commence saving money. The great news is, given that you possess some source of income, you can move forward when it comes to investing towards retirement.

When and Why Do You Need A Promissory Note Appraisal? – Part One

Needing an Appraisal is Like Needing a Root Canal. Most of the Time, the Note is Devalued and Discounted. Have Declined Property Values Had an Impact on Note Values?

SEP IRA Rules and Regulations

SEP IRA rules can be read in detail in IRS Pub 560. In this section I have compiled some of the most basic rules for SEP IRA plans that people often have most questions on. READ ALL THE WAY BELOW ON HOW TO ESTABLISH A SEP IRA.

Institutional Retirement Services – Risk and Disbursement Processing

Risk and retirement disbursement processing During my past 30 years in the banking and trust industry, I am amazed at the focus now placed on compliance. During the late 70’s, this was simply a part time function and today, organizations have entire divisions created to monitor risk related to operational processes. This change is necessary as we are faced with many new regulations as well as challenges.

My Husband Has Everything

Does your husband have everything? Do you struggle with what you could possibly get for him every year at Christmas? Have you ever thought about giving him time, helping him get ready for retirement?

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