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Can Precious Metals Be Held In An IRA Account?

Good News you can fund your IRA’s with gold and silver. The US Government allows purchases of certain types of precious metals to be held in IRA accounts. However there are certain requirements that must be met. Also needed are special IRA account administrators who specialize in precious metals held in IRA’s that understand all the IRS rules on this form of investment.

How To Be Rich – Avoiding Obstacles To Financial Success

If you have ever wondered what it takes to be rich, a good place to start is to know the seven obstacles that keep people from being rich and achieving financial success in life. These obstacles are so important that your ability to pursue your financial goals, and create wealth for yourself and generations to come, may depend on how well you are able to avoid these obstacles.

Retirement Planning – Tips for Managing Your Finances

After crossing the golden age of 50 years, by adopting progressive lifestyle modifications and also availing modern healthcare facilities, you can actually look forward to live not less than another 40 to 50 years. Finding a regular and reliable source of funds is vital at this stage of life to take care of your day-to-day expenditure and also to provide for unforeseen expenditures on medical as well as other emergencies during this extended period. Hence it would be prudent to carry out some retirement planning to secure your financial future.

How to Make Intelligent Social Security Choices

Should you wait to start your Social Security or take it now? Should you add your spouse to your monthly benefit? There is no right answer for everyone but there are intelligent ways to determine the right answer for you.

Get Debt Free Before You Retire

You can enjoy your retirement years by simply paying off all your debt before that big day arrives. Lets discuss techniques on how to make that happen.

Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds Investment Pros And Cons

Tax exempt municipal bonds offer investors both pros and cons, and it is important that any investor understand these before deciding to invest in these bonds. This type of bond can be perfect for some investors but may be a poor choice for others, and the pros and cons must be weighed using the individual and unique circumstances and goals of each investor.

How to Choose the Right Type of Pension Investment Plan?

Based upon a recent statistical report it has been found that more than 70% of the young employees choose some or other type of retirement plans so that they can avoid the regular mistakes committed by others. The majority of young people have understood that if they do not take care about their old age then they will become like the regular social case pensioner. The right type of pension investment plan can be chosen by getting ideas from pension advisors. They help you to avoid the regular mistakes and help you to invest in the right type of plan.

7 Things You Need To Select The Right Retirement Plans

1. Your Expected Retirement Costs – Choosing the right retirement plans should include an evaluation of your expected retirement costs. These costs may be different for each person, and the ideal plan for your retirement will allow you to save the amount of money that you expect to need once you decide to retire. Some plans may not offer investment options that will provide the return needed to reach the desired account balance. Make sure that you include all of the possible expenses faced after retirement; otherwise you could choose a plan that falls short.

Year-End Financial Action Items

Is your financial advisor doing his/her job? If not it could cost you thousands of dollars in taxes and penalties. Year-end is a good time to test your advisor’s dedication to your financial success. Prior to the end of the year there are three things that should be addressed: capital gains, required distributions, and Roth IRA conversions. If your advisor hasn’t reached out to you to address these issues it may be time to hire another advisor. Let’s talk about each action item.

How To Generate Online Retirement Income

Are you trying to find out how to generate online retirement income? Looking for a way to supplement your retirement program? Wouldn’t it be nice to see income coming in to help you achieve that goal?

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