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In Wealth Management – It Is Wise To Spend The Time On Financial Planning Before You Spend The Cash

You know you work hard and put in long hours, but you can’t do that forever. With a little financial education and assistance, your money can go forever. Wealth or asset management, wealth enhancement or financial planning, no matter the name it goes by, is of major importance to you, your retirement future and your kids. You need more than a smattering of knowledge about what goes on in those subjects.

All Set For Retirement?

With the wild swings in the stock market, many of you are probably feeling a little unsure about having enough to live a comfortable retired life. So, today I plan to address just that – how comfortable should you feel about your retirement savings to date? Have you stashed away enough to live your golden years comfortably or do you need to play catch-up?

How Inflation Threatens Your Retirement

The “rule of 72” is a handy rule for investors to determine how long it will take to double their money. It’s extremely straightforward: you simply divide 72 by the interest rate on your investment to calculate how many years it will take to double your money (72/interest rate = years to double). You don’t have to understand all of the Missed Fortune strategies in order to see how this works.

Here Are Three Different Retirement Income Strategies

Having a comfortable life after you have left workforce can be easy to do if you have the proper planning in place. The issue that comes up is that many people do not have proper retirement income strategies and this can easily lead to them not leading the life they want to while they are supposed to be enjoying life. Three of the strategies which can help you out is to find a stable investment that pays out money, join a lending club to provide those in need with money, or even using your rentals as a great way to have some income source on a regular basis.

Advantages Of Investing In Tax Free Municipal Bonds

Tax free municipal bonds are binding agreements that investors can purchase from various issuing bodies such as cities, counties, states, school districts and others. The issuers of these bonds will usually agree to pay the bondholder a set amount of money, included interest that will accrue at a fixed rate, at a specific time. These bonds tend to be extraordinarily popular among individual investors for a number of reasons.

5 Reasons Why A Market Trend Timing System May Boost Your Retirement

Retirement anxiety is an increasing problem for Americans. The Great Recession seems to be gradually ending, but it has taken a bite out of most people’s assets. The biggest effect has been on the price of houses, but many other areas have also been affected.

How Adding Life Insurance To Your Financial Plan Can Help With Your Peace of Mind

If you are asking yourself whether you ought to purchase life insurance or not, it is crucial to keep in mind what the future holds, and what your death will do to your loved ones in a financial sense. Most times, it is important to purchase a life insurance plan but it obviously depends upon your unique situation.

8 Biggest Risks in Retirement

We all face many risks to our financial well-being as we retire. Below are eight of the most common risks retirees face and some brief solutions to think about.

Retirement Age – Time For Retirement Planning

Retirement age is the inevitable end to the professional life of an individual. This transformation of life can come naturally at an age established by the employer or government, unforeseen disabilities, illnesses or even voluntarily where the individual feels he has had enough and should take a break. Generally, people retire at an age when they become eligible for pension benefits to be able to survive financially.

Will There Be Income In Retirement? Ordinary Americans Ask

The recent downgrading of the United States bond rating from triple A to AA+ has caused many Americans to become anxious about the possibility of income in retirement. With constant emotional upheaval in the stock market and a real estate environment that has yet to recover from the 2008 Mortgage Crisis, will anyone be able to afford to stop working and fully retire? It’s a valid question, but one that can be answered when you put the events in context.

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