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Provident Investment

Provident Investment is important for retirement planning not just in western countries but even more so in Asia. The level of savings in Asia is far lower than in say USA, UK, Germany or Australia. Failure by governments to establish universal coverage for workers reaching retirement will create an unsolvable welfare burden in under a decade. Now is the time when workers and employers should take advantage of the large tax incentives in countries such as Thailand to build retirement nest eggs for workers and for companies to be able to accumulate large amounts of capital untaxed in shelter funds available to them for working capital and to meet exigencies such as severance, compensation, wage cost increases or general operating expenses.

Provident Investment in Thailand

Provident investment in Thailand is still in its infancy but is expected to grow to mammoth size over the current decade. As the Thailand economy continues to grow and the average wage escalates the amount of money that will flow in to Provident Funds is set to sky-rocket. An additional factor that will also fuel the massive increase in provident investment in Thailand are the very generous tax incentives provided for workers and their employers. Provident investment is by far the most attractive form of investment in Asia at the present time – and in Thailand in particular.

Delaying Retirement Past 65

There are many people for whom it would make sense to delay retirement past age 65. The main reason individuals should do this is to ensure that they will have enough additional income available to support their lifestyle in retirement. Anybody who is retiring with just Social Security and a pension should seriously consider continuing to work.

How 401ks Work

A 401k is a kind of individual retirement plan that has to be sponsored by an employer. The difference between this and an IRA or Individual Retirement Account is that a person can set up an IRA on his own. A 401K is usually set up for you by your employer.

Investing and Educating Yourself

Educate Yourself – That said, it helps to know something about investing, even if you have an automatic retirement account, a financial planner, or savvy assistance from friends. To inform yourself, talk to some successful investors, read books and articles, and watch some videos. Try starting with Eric Tyson’s Investing. Of course, there’s an enormous amount of help online…

Retirement Investments – Essential Points

Any type of investment could be classed a a retirement investment but if there was ever a time for an investment to be made wisely, then this is it. There are the usual routes that are open to anyone who is planning a retirement investment such as a pension plan for example, but many other types of investment could fall under this umbrella.

The Disappearing Pension Plan: Identifying the Risks and How to Avoid Them

Once upon a time, the American Dream was pretty simple to quantify. A person would get a high school or college education, get a job with a big company or an agency of their state or federal government, and work there for 30 or 40 years. They’d buy a home, pay it off and retire with guaranteed income and health insurance for the rest of their lives. For most Americans this is a vision of the past.

What Is the Best Advice for Investing Retirement?

Most financial experts agree that retirement planning is something that everyone should be concerned. This is especially true today, when many people are not likely to stick with the same employer for most of their working years. Even for people who are bigger, there are ways to invest for retirement, which will make the senior years more comfortable.

What Is the Right Income Replacement Rate in Retirement?

If you’re like most people approaching retirement, one of your main concerns is what level of income you are going to need in retirement. If one were to Google the phrase “Retirement Income Replacement Rate”, they would find about 1.3million results. It seems every financial website, financial calculator, brokerage firm, and mutual fund company has their own perspective on the appropriate “Number” – that is, the percentage of your pre-retirement income that you need in retirement. Many so-called “retirement experts” like to use a specific number, or “Rule of Thumb” to identify the appropriate number. In reviewing many of the top search-engine results, one would be led to believe that the number falls somewhere between 70% and 135%. That’s a big variation. Why the disparity of results? Simple. Because there are so many variables and many different assumptions. It might seem straight-forward, but let’s look at a few reasons why.

Why Think About Your Retirement Now?

Retirement is something I think about. It’s always in the back of my mind. Recently I was married to my lovely wife and now I’m thinking about her retirement as well.

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