The Ramsey Show (January 26, 2022)

Estate Planning, Proving a Will

There are ways to show that the Will is the actual instrument that a deceased person made when the personal representative and estate planning attorney initially submit the Will to the court. As discussed, the process of submitting a Will to the court is called “probating the Will”. Many states in the United States defines Wills as an actual will, other testamentary documents, and codicils.

Estate Planning – Planning Your Estate for the Family

Financial management involves a lot of different planning processes and actions. Financial planning and investing, the monthly bills payment, and estate planning are all part of it. Estate planning, although done mostly by the elderly, should actually be done as soon as you can.

Retirement and Estate Planning for the Elderly

Elderly Estate Planning Of all the financial decisions you will make in your life, having an estate plan is among the most important. It is your plan when your time has already passed in this world. It’s your plan of the days to come when you’re gone.

Effectiveness of Canadian Savings Accounts – What Makes Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA’s) Better?

Canadian Savings Accounts Offer Flexibility The stock market today has been quite difficult, and amongst everything that is happening, something became very clear. It is very important to save money and save it well, put it into a savings account. No matter what purpose you will be using your savings, it is important that there is money set aside for everyone as this will be their rescue as soon as something happens to them.

Appraisal and Valuation Concepts – Understanding Note Discounting

What Is The Discounted Market Value of a Promissory Note? What is the Purpose of Discounting a Promissory Note? Is there a Mathematics Formula Used to Calculate the Discount Rate? How is the Discount Calculated in Actual Situations?

Personal Investors – What Type of Financial Investing Person Are You?

In the terms of investing, have you ever tried to ask yourself the financial goals you would want to achieve? Stocks and bonds are what make financial investing work. But the most important part of it is the overall risks you can and you are very much willing to undergo.

How to Invest Your Money After You Retire

Over the past 2 years we have been on a roller coaster ride in the financial markets. A rebound of almost 100% from the 2009 lows, and a decline of almost 20% from the recent highs, with daily price moves of over 100 points. What should an investor be doing?

Promissory Note Investing Using Your IRA

One of the foundations of successful long-term investing is using a tax free, or a tax deferred, investment account. By using a tax-sheltered account, it allows your interest income to compound (grow) monthly, or annually, without having income taxes deducted from it.

Promissory Notes and Distressed Real Estate Traps

As retirement investments, promissory notes and real estate can be excellent investments. Or, they can become investment traps for the trusting, unsophisticated investor. Common sense, practical experience, education, and honest, competent, professional guidance will determine if the investor gets trapped or helped by the investment.

Managing Risk – Can a 6% Return Really Outperform a 15% Return?

The most important factor in investing yesterday, today, and tomorrow is risk. What is risk? Is it a mystical and illusive measurement that we can reduce to a number and write it on the back of a napkin?

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