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Important Things About Retirement Investment Planning

Apart from your home and your car, retirement investment is probably the biggest fund you will ever create. Though retirement investment planning seems like a very dull subject especially if your retirement date is still at a distant horizon-it is really important. As retired life is going to be a around one third of your life and you have to have a plan for it.

Retirement Is a 20th Century Concept – But It Can Still Be Done

Prior to the 20th century, the majority of people lived and worked on farms. With industrialization came urbanization and the specialization of labour. Companies were formed, labour unions were established and eventually the concept of companies providing a lifetime pension to retired workers was implemented. Along with this came government retirement benefits. With long periods of relatively stable interest rates and moderate inflation, companies and governments were able to establish actuarial calculations for required capital savings to pay retired employees until their demise. However, today’s economic environment is challenging the ability of governments and individuals to fund a respectable retirement. It can still be accomplished, but traditional strategies and assumptions need to be cast away in favour of more savings discipline and dividend oriented investments.

Making Money With Promissory Notes

Savings will not make you rich, only smart investments do that. The time to get interested in note investing is when no one else is. The beginning investor: the first thing that the new investor must realize is that if making money with promissory notes was quick and easy, everyone would have already done it. Education and training are required to become a successful note investor. Since getting the education and training is hard work and takes time, most people will not do what is necessary to become successful.

Promissory Note Appraisal Fraud

Appraisal fraud occurs when a note is appraised for a value that is deliberately overstated or understated. Do not confuse an honest error with a deliberate false statement. An intentional false appraisal is designed to misled, or cheat. Its purpose is to deceive and trick a victim into overpaying for a note or selling a note for too little.

Retirement Income Investing Tips for Boomers and Why They Can’t Do As Their Parents Did

Question to the Boomers; “How did your parents invest their retirement nest egg?” The common perception is that they only spent the interest and dividends while never touching the principal. Perhaps this explains why so many boomers are trying this strategy. After all, if it worked for the Greatest Generation why can’t it work for you?

How to Get a High Investment Yield With Low Risk

Many investors today are looking at high investment yield bonds as a way to diversify their portfolio and keep their money relatively safe. High-yield bonds can be purchased by investors through individual issues or through high yielding mutual funds that specialize in corporate issues. The key behind higher yielding investment instruments is determining the difference between what is considered a ‘junk bond’ and what is considered a safe account. Safer bonds generally act like traditional savings accounts and many times are easy to locate even for the novice investor.

SMSF Administration: The Benefits of Taking Full Control of Your SMSF

These days, more people are convinced that having a self managed super fund is better for their financial security. There are people who would rather choose to start a self managed fund to gain assets since this method is less pricey than industry super funds.

SMSF Rules – What You Need To Know For DIY Super

DIY or do-it-yourself superannuation basically means setting up and managing your own superannuation fund. DIY super is also called self managed superannuation fund or SMSF for short.

SMSF Tax – An Overview

A lot of skills and knowledge are required to set up a self managed super fund (SMSF). One of the things that people frequently inquire about is SMSF Tax, i.e. the taxation rules that apply to self managed super funds.

SMSF Pension – 4 Things You Need To Consider

An SMSF pension, a retirement income from a self managed super fund, is a way of saving for retirement. Superannuation is the Australian equivalent of what is called retirement plans in the US and pension schemes in Britain.

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