The Ramsey Show (January 3, 2022)

Private Number Plates – Are They a Worthy Investment?

Buying personalised number plates for investment is certainly not a new idea; some of the most in demand plates have been sold in recent years for eye-opening prices. The exclusive nature and appraised values of many private plates seemingly makes them a good choice for investment, right? Search eBay or some of the private plate specific sites on the internet and there is a direct correlation between profit and number plate sales, some of the closing prices on eBay for private plates are not only surprising, but for the potential investor, they may serve to validate the notion of investing…

Risk Management and Retirement Planning

Risk management is an essential component in any retirement planning strategy. Unfortunately many people ignore it or neglect it and end up losing all or most of their nest eggs.

Have You Had the $300,000 Cup of Coffee?

Recently I began teaching a homeschool class about finance and money. All participants are under the age of 15.

How to Invest 400 Dollars

Before you can make a decision on how to invest 400 dollars or any amount of funds, it is extremely important to understand the different investment types available. There are various options available, all with different levels of risk versus return. Understanding the fundamental concepts and analysing the risk/reward trade-off is the first step to generating an investment portfolio balanced to meet your needs.

529 Plans: Tax Free Money to Pay for College and Buy a Computer Too!

$334,000; that is approximately how much it will cost to send your newborn to a 4-year private college starting in the year 2030. If you have two children, that future expense comes close to current home prices in Los Angeles. The cost of higher education is rising faster than inflation (including food and energy.)

Do You Need Money Help to Determine How Much to Save for Retirement?

Determining how much money you will need in retirement can be confusing. To eliminate this confusion, the article asks you several questions to help you determine how much to save for retirement.

TFSA – How to Take Full Advantage of This Tax Shelter

The TFSA shelters the growth of your chosen investment vehicle from ANY form of taxation, not just capital gains. Thus like an RRSP, you can invest in almost any investment vehicle and have your money grow tax free. Unlike an RRSP, you do NOT get a tax deduction when you first invest into a TFSA, but when you remove your funds in the future, your money and its growth are also, NOT taxed.

Prepare Your Retirement Funds

After working hard for decades to make money, someone who enters the retirement period will want to enjoy life in peace. Surely you would be happy if you can still be financially independent. Therefore, thinking and preparing for your retirement funds is essential.

Is Your Retirement Plan Working? Can You Remove The Guesswork?

Receive Tax-Free or Tax Deferred Monthly Income. How to maximize your retirement nest egg. What type of investment will pay 6% to 10%? What is a Promissory Note?

Three Steps to Save For Retirement

If you listen to the news, read newspapers or magazines, you see that everyone is telling you to save for retirement. You know you should. But it is so hard. Why is it so hard? The easy answer is because it is so far away. For many, thinking about saving up for an event that is 20, 30, or even 40 years in the future seems like a long time.

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