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Retirement Investing – Taking Care of Your Housing Needs

Investing for retirement begins very early, when you think of ways in which you can start to save up for the later years. When you think of retirement, the most important thing is having a place to stay in.

Investment Backed Annuities: A Necessary Risk in Uncertain Times?

Providing for income in retirement is the most important financial decision most people will make. With the poor performance of cash investments, consistently low interest rates and high inflation in the last few years, the cost of living is rising and the return on pension investments is poor. Many pensioners are now taking the options offered by investment backed flexible annuities that offer potential for higher returns.

How Much to Save for Retirement – Calculation Made Easy

Calculating how much to save for retirement can be made easy with the use of two popular methods. A simple way is called the rule of thumb while another more complicated method involves measurements based on detailed expenses. The rule of thumb is simple.

Pension Changes to Benefit Many – But Some Will Lose Out

The current system of State Pension Provision has been causing concern for many years. With an increasingly ageing population, longer life expectancy and better health, providing for the nations pensioners has become a balancing act for government and individuals alike. But the recent changes announced by the government, along with plans for significant changes to the state pension, will not be well received by all, even if it will benefit most people retiring in the future.

Fixed Rate Bonds Balancing Risk and Security in Uncertain Times

Interest rates are likely to rise this year, with increasing pressure on the Bank of England to raise its record low rate of 0.5% to help the government combat inflation. Savers, after a lengthy period of low returns on their investments will greet this prospect with some enthusiasm. Fixed rate bonds have been one haven for savings in the last couple of years, promising guaranteed returns despite weak interest levels. But is this all about to change in 2011?

Saving Social Security

I’m not so sure what is so hard about fixing social security. If we could only get the greedy self serving politicians out of the way, the answer would be easy.To find a solution,all one needs to do is find a compound interest app on line and do the numbers.

Three Big Myths About a Roth Conversion

If you are unaware of the changes made by the government to Roth conversion rules in 2010, you may be operating under three big myths which can effect your decision to move your funds into one of these retirement savings accounts. In order to make the best choices for your particular situation it’s important to have all the facts so that your money remains safe, secure and financially viable.

Top Myths of Financial Planning

Most people who have a 401K or an IRA have little idea of where their money is invested. When you ask them, “Where’s your retirement money?” they reply, “At the bank” or “With my broker.” No wonder so many people are financially unprepared for retirement. The fact is that if you want to be financially secure in your Golden Years, you must take control of your investments…today! Handing over your money to a broker and hoping someone else will look out for you is a recipe for disaster. Imagine saving and investing for 40+ plus years, only to find out at age 65 or 70 that you don’t have enough money to retire.

The Beginners Guide to Annuities

An annuity is one of many tools available for retirement. It is technically an insurance based product, but can also be arranged and purchased through private financial institutions in addition to your insurance provider.

Retirement Investment – Can You Squeeze the Risk Out of Your Retirement Investment?

Do you know how to take the risk out of your retirement investment? You’ll know a great way after you read this article.

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