The Ramsey Show (January 4, 2022)

Times Have Changed – Investors Face an Income Problem

The investment outlook for traditional income producing assets is dismal. Savings accounts, Money Market accounts, Treasury Bills, and bonds are all generating very low yields. An alternative financial investment asset to consider is the promissory note.

Money Help I Received As a College Student

This article discusses the money help I received as a college student that led me on the right path to saving for retirement with a Roth IRA. It also discusses the importance of retirement planning and provides tips to help your family save for retirement.

Six Roadblocks To A Successful Retirement

So you would like to retire… but don’t feel that you’re able to at the present time. For most people, a successful retirement requires advance planning, good life choices and careful thought about retirement lifestyle. Unfortunately, the following six roadblocks can and do cause many individuals to postpone retirement, even when they are otherwise ready.

Buying Property Through Your SMSF

Want to make your super work harder for you? Want to actively increase your wealth and assets for a more stable retirement? Don’t trust the share market with your precious super money?

Retirement Homes in Canada – Offering Quality Care in Sunset Years

Canada has one of the highest numbers of aged residents in the world. But it lacks in proper care giving facilities for managing the health and wellness of the aged populace. This has given rise to the concept of retirement homes in Canada that provide holistic services that ensure that the aged experience a more fulfilling life.

Retirement Planning

For those in “Generation X” – defined as people born between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s – retirement planning sounds like something your parents or other “old people” would do. But guess what? With many “baby boomers” either already in the midst of retirement or viewing it on the horizon, “Generation X” will be the next generation of people to reach retirement.

How to Avoid The Biggest Mistakes When Planning Retirement

You can avoid the biggest mistakes when planning retirement by planning properly. I am not talking about the financial aspects of retirement… Although important, they do not make up the most important aspects of retirement planning. You will learn why it’s important to retire to something and not just stop working, how to look for lower cost retirement lifestyles that may make the difference between retiring and continuing to work… And other useful information and tips based upon been retired for 18 years and observing my own and others retirement mistakes.

Baby Boomer Retirement Planning the Right Way

Baby Boomer retirement planning the right way involves mostly common sense. The number one issue facing baby boomers is not money but rather exploring alternatives to retirement that do not cost much money. The author has been retired for 18 years and has enjoyed many frugal retirement living lifestyles… He can show you how to do it as well.

Do You Really Have a Plan for Retirement?

In spite all of the available information and emphasis on the topic of retirement most people are not preparing adequately – if they are preparing at all. Why not? It’s simple – they don’t have a plan. To take the first step in removing yourself from the ranks of the unprepared, you need only to ask yourself two questions…

Do You Know the Value of Your Promissory Note?

Do you know how many values your promissory note has? Your note can have at least fifteen different dollar values. Our purpose is to either make more money or save more money.

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