The Ramsey Show (January 5, 2022)

The Power of Compound Interest In Retirement Planning

This article explores the power of compound interest as applied to retirement plans. The advisability of advance retirement planning is discussed.

Are You on a Financial Road to Nowhere?

Is the current economic turmoil making your feel exposed? Is there a “safe haven”? All investing markets have been volatile, erratic, and dangerous. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, oil, natural-gas, and commodities have all suffered.

What Are Covered Calls and How Are They Used?

The ‘covered calls’ investment strategy is widely considered to be a type of conservative strategy because at best it will provide you with a healthy stream of income over time whereas at its worst it won’t wipe you off the map within a day. But what exactly are covered calls and how do they work?

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement is one of the hardest life events to plan for financially. Because there are so many variables that cannot be predicted, many people find…

What Are the Easy Retirement Investment Options?

There are several ways to allocate your retirement investments. I have listed them in order of difficulty with an explanation and the management fees associated with them.

Why Are Most Promissory Notes Discounted?

About 80% of all private promissory notes are not worth full price. The Fair Market Value of a $100.00 bill is $100.00; the Fair Market Value of $100,000.00 note can be any where between zero and $100,000.00!

How To Buy Property With Your Super Money

Want a large asset for your future that keeps on growing? Don’t want to be just passively involved with your money? Interested in paying no out-of-pocket expenses for your retirement asset?

A Quick Reference – The Basics of Regulatory Compliance – IRS Concerns

The appraisal and valuation of promissory notes must be completed in accordance with the IRS rules and appraisal standards. When appraising or valuing a promissory note, either directly or indirectly, for the IRS specific rules govern.

SMSF Borrowing To Buy Property

Looking for a way to increase the value of your assets? Want the ability to leverage an asset to give yourself a stable retirement? Interested in saving on taxes while you invest?

Using Superannuation To Buy A House

Wary of using the share market for your super? Interested in leveraging a Self-Managed Super Fund for a long-term beneficial asset? Believe that property presents a solid opportunity for investment?

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