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Why It Pays to Pay a Professional

When there is a water/fire loss on your home, who you choose to work in your home matters. Who does the work in your home is entirely up to you. You will get what you pay for when you choose a company to do the work. Do your due diligence and find a professional that can respond to your immediate need.

Factors That Affect Insurance Premium Charges

When calculating insurance premium charges paid by individual companies, there are various factors considered. These factors vary depending on the jurisdiction and local laws of the area. The main source of the basis of insurance premiums paid is based upon several factors which have been computed.

Security for the Home, Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Cheap home insurance. Security. When looking or insurance cover, take some time to see what can be done to reduce risk.

Buildings Insurance for Total Beginners

This is a basic introduction to Buildings Insurance. This article has been written for total beginners to the area.

Will My Home Buildings Insurance Cover Extras Like My Holiday Home and Car?

Buildings Insurance can cover a wide variety of items depending on what the fine print says. We look at what’s covered and what’s not.

High Net Worth Clients: The Problem With Being Underinsured

Most insurance agents realize that there are affluent families who have failed to adjust their insurance programs to protect their assets. They often choose their insurance agent and carrier early on while they are still building their wealth. They become complacent, and don’t really think about the need for a valuable high net worth insurance policy, rarely taking a close look at those choices made so long ago.

The Dos and Donts of Jewellery Valuations And Insurance

For a lot of people the subject of insuring their jewellery only arises when they make a significant purchase, for example an engagement ring or special watch. At these exciting times it’s very easy to sideline the paperwork or opt for the easy, but far more expensive solution, of taking out the single item policy offered by the retailer. Assessing Your Valuables at the forefront of your mind, then now would be a good time to assess all your valuables, new and old, and arrange for the relevant valuations, together with making sure you have adequate insurance cover in…

Say I Love You With Insurance

Yes, I know that insurance is not a “romantic” topic, but it is an expression of two things: concern and responsibility. Those two feelings really are an expression of what love is: concern for one’s welfare and taking responsibility – insofar as you are able – for it. Now, I’m not going to go so far as to say that you should give your loved one and insurance policy for Valentine’s Day, I do want you to still have a loved one at the end of the evening, but perhaps the most loving and least romantic thing you can do is to make sure that everything is properly insured, so that your loved ones financial needs are taken care of at the most inconvenient and stressful times in their lives.

Maybe It’s Time To Get Serious About Health Insurance?

Perhaps you have recently changed jobs; your new job does not have an inclusive life/health insurance option, unlike your old one. Or maybe you have never bothered with life/health insurance? None of us are getting any younger; perhaps you have just married or even have a little one on the way.

Country House Insurance – Why You Need an Expert

As an owner of a Country House, old, listed or “special” property, there’s far more at stake than just bricks & mortar. Don’t let your insurance leave you exposed.

Few Types Of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury can happen due to negligence of another person and at times this injury can give you permanent physical damage. People are not very aware about the true compensation laws for these kinds of injuries but you should apply for a full compensation depending upon the type of injury that you have got. There are different types of personal injury claims that you can make and these claims will not only cover the medical expanses but you will also get financial compensation for all of the mental frustration.

The Cost of Gender Equality

Questions of gender equality have sparked debate throughout the ages. But according to the EU, insurance companies who used gender as their basis for deciding insurance premiums contradict the basic principles of gender equality, regardless which side it benefits. How has the market been impacted by this change in legislation by the ECJ?

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