The Ramsey Show (March 10, 2022)

Retirement In The New Millennium

The current economy has taken a toll on people across the country; with unemployment hovering just under 10% (and over that in many states), Americans are seeing savings eaten up, 401Ks dwindling, and hopes for a secure retirement fading steadily away. The continued erosion of economic confidence no doubt leaves many wondering if they will indeed have anything left with which to enjoy their sunset years.

Pension Transfer Advice: Simple Guides on How to Find a Better Pension

Since advice is essential for one to push through an effective pension transfer, then this article will provide simple guides that may help. This article also summarizes some necessary facts that are proven to be helpful.

3 Tips for Pension Transfers

This article will give 3 tips for pension transfers. These tips are the most useful ones in considering such transaction.

Retirement Calculator: How Does It Work?

This article will expose the reality behind retirement calculators. This will also give a brief view on how these calculators work.

Do I Need A Financial Advisor?

If you think that financial advisors are only for the rich and famous, think again! Regardless of whether you are a millionaire or just starting to save, you are not likely going to find all of the information that you need in a book or on the internet, because financial planning doesn’t just mean picking stocks – it means charting a course for the rest of your life.

If We Over-Regulate the Financial Planners – Who Will Help People Plan Their Retirement?

The other day, I was talking to a financial planner who had just got all of their licenses, at the local Starbucks. They were quite excited to get out in the field and start helping people plan their retirements, rollover their IRAs, and start investing. I discussed with them some of the problems with the over regulation in this sector, and industry; and just how bad it has really gotten.

QROPS: Where Can I Move My UK Pension to Avoid UK Taxes? Guernesy Vs The Isle of Man

Should you transfer your pension to the Isle of Man or Guernsey? You need to seek a QROPS specialist to answer the question effectively. There have been some recent regulation changes in the Isle of Man which will make the Isle of Man more competitive in attracting QROPS pension transfers.

Thinking of Retiring Now?

If you are thinking of Retiring Now you need to be considering which of the available pension income options is right for you it is important to gain as much information as you possibly can so that you can make an informed decision. The decisions you make at the time you wish to take pension income could significantly impact upon your quality of life in retirement. You have a number of options when you reach retirement.

What Income Will We Need In Retirement?

The recent adage was that we would need 70% of income (on the day we retired) to live a comfortable lifestyle during our retirement years. However that concept was only of recent origin – after all, until the last few decades, the statistics showed that if we retired at age 65, we would did around 75. And of course government welfare was adequate to supplement our (meagre) household savings over that time.

Moderate Expectations

We all want to make money in the stock market. There is no shortage of promised fantastic profits when you purchase some company’s advice or tips service. We all need to lower our expectations. Safe investing is not about ‘doubling your money in 30 days.’ It is about slow steady growth through quality value investments and rules that protect profits.

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