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Do You Have Your Own Personal Pension?

Today very few people have pensions from work. Many Baby Boomers will only have Social Security and a 401k for retirement income. Let’s see how we can develop a personal pension.

Important Changes to Social Security

With the tax packaged passed late in 2010 come several changes to Social Security. Two in particular call for comment.

Babe Ruth’s Home Run Retirement Plan

The Babe had pocketed his World Series winnings of $50,000 and was ready to make history by purchasing something that would help him live a worry free lifestyle. It turned out to be a very wise move on the Babe’s part. Let’s keep the time frame in perspective here. October 16, 1923 was just a few short years before the Great Depression…

Does Your Portfolio Have These Things? Investment Portfolio Essentials

Investment success depends on understanding investment portfolio essentials and applying them to your plan. Does your portfolio have these things?

Your Retirement Planning Tool – A 10 Point Checklist

Retirement planning is a complex and challenging task requiring a retirement planning tool that matches the task. However these must not be so complex or “blackbox” that they are not fully understood. Many, many people are totally unprepared and should realise that they will need some support and advice.

What Did The Visit By The Premier Of China Mean For You And Me?

What Does The Visit From The Chinese Premier Mean? Not much is the short answer. Like most diplomatic endeavors, the show is more impressive than the substance. But the impact of China is unquestionable, and our economy is at risk.

Laddering Helps You Maximize Your Interest-Based Income Over Time

Retirees who have to live off their interest-based income investments are often a victim of interest rate swings that can lower their interest income significantly. Chasing after high interest rates without a strategy can often leave them with less income than they could get with a laddering strategy. Here’s the situation…

Step-By-Step Retirement Planning Starting at Age 18

You are likely to spend almost as much time in retirement as you do working so it makes sense to plan for it, even if you are 18. Starting retirement planning early will help you to cope with what life throws at you.

The What, When, and How of Retirement Planning

Financial retirement planning involves long term investment goals and the dedication and determination to reach them. Diversify your assets and your investments to avoid losing everything should one investment vehicle falter or fail. Pursue different types of income and watch your nest egg grow.

People Moving to Latin America As Cost Of Living Keeps Increasing

The cost of living in the United States keeps getting higher every single year. While everyone is affected, seniors are extremely sensitive to these prices changes as they live on a fixed income. To cope, many are moving to Ecuador where they can live comfortably on their fixed income. Find out more in the proceeding article and why you should think about making the move yourself.

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