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At What Age Should You Start Investing?

Whatever age you are start investing and do not depend on social security, company retirement plans, or even inheritances that may or may not come through! Your future is up to you.

How To Prepare For A State Default

So you’re a current or retired state employee. Or perhaps you have a state contract, or you own your state’s municipal bonds for the tax-free income. Though your payments have come on time thus far, you’re worried that the state may default. What should you do?

Social Security – Why You Need to Start Saving For Retirement NOW

Ageing baby boomers and fewer workers to support the ageing population through taxes means we must all start saving for retirement now! Social Security cannot stand the strain on its coffers.

Investments: How Do You Invest?

This article briefly addresses widely miss understood concepts of personal finance. Many of us get poor personal finance advice. Most of us do not know enough about the subject of finance to question what we are being told.

Set Up a Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed IRA is a unique way for an investor to invest his or her retirement savings.  Regular IRA accounts are very limited as to the allowable investments.  They allow basic financial products as investments: stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and CDs.

EFRBS Pension Benefits – Top Eight Reasons Go For It?

SUMMARY: EFRBS pension plan is a retirement benefit plan sponsored by the employer; it help to provide for you when you become aged and financially insecure. The pension plan offers you several benefits and a lot of flexibility in matters of investments.

EFRBS FAQs For Beginners – Know Everything You Want To Know

EFRBS is an unregistered scheme recognized by the HMRC; it is a multi-faceted arrangement that provides a lot of flexibility and investment options to you. Various benefits are attached to the plan and it is always advisable that you go for a well-qualified professional EFRBS advisor.

The 4% Solution for Baby Boomers

What is the 4% Solution? It is a retirement strategy to make sure your money has the best chance to last your lifetime. This is the main concern of Baby Boomers. Will my money last?

3 Retirement Savings Mistakes Baby Boomer Cannot Afford to Make

Baby Boomers there are several mistakes you cannot make if you want to retire successfully. Many know they have to save, but what shouldn’t you do? That is the real question.

5 Things You Should Do to Prepare a Retirement Plan

Prepare a retirement plan to ensure that you can live comfortably after you have finished working. You are likely to spend almost as much of your life in retirement as you spent working.

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