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Tips For Creating a Retirement Plan

Creating a retirement plan is essential for long term security. You work all your life towards attaining a comfortable retirement is makes sense to plan it.

Retirement Income For Life

Does your Family have Income for Life? Are you ready for early retirement but your 401a Retirement plans and 401k Retirement plans aren’t? Unfortunately, Retirement Planning for most people is nothing more than idle Retirement Wishes! Today all that is going to change! Are YOU open to building Retirement Income for Life? Are you a HIGHLY MOTIVATED individual who is ready to WORK and have tons of FUN doing it? The government is not going to bail you out! Take Control of your Future now. It’s time for You to start Accumulating and Collecting Wealth, just like the Wealthy do!

Why I Became A Retirement Strategist

I became a Retirement Strategist because I came to realize that I didn’t have enough for a comfortable retirement that could last until age 90+, and nor did anyone else. About 25 years ago, my local newspaper carried an article of how a suburban real estate agent had 800 people at his funeral. And they ran his photo – a distinguished, silver-haired gentleman of 80+ years. I said, “Wow! – I’d like to end up like that,” and researched his story. It transpired that when he retired at age 65 and took his corporate superannuation, his wife told him to, “Get out of the house,” and find another job. So he went to the local real estate agency, and offered to work on commission only. He explained that as he had been a member of the local tennis club and the local church for 30 years, he thought that he had an established contact network as the basis for his new and rewarding, “Renaissance hobby”.

10 Golden Rules for Successful African Businesses

This is the summary of investment guide to doing successful business in Africa. The causes of failure or disputes and unfriendly attitude of local communities to multinational investment highlighted and solutions proffered for these.These golden rules discussed will make a huge difference in understanding the culture and norms of the local communities.

Advice On Converting Your Income Into Assets

The vast majority of individuals do not start off with a lump sum of money with which to build assets. Only those who receive a windfall inheritance or a lottery win experience that luxury! Is This You? If so please read on…

What Does SEP Mean?

Does investing in property sound attractive to you? What do you do if you don’t know the best way to achieve this? There are a ton of options out there, to be sure. In order to find the superior solution for you, meticulous research is key. You’ll find that a SEP is one of your options.

Retirement Planning After 50 – Making Up For Lost Time

In Australia, as in any western country, the financial planning community (with it’s focus on equities and the stock market) is generally unable to create serious wealth for people in late career who realise that they don’t have enough for 20-25 years of comfortable retirement. Other paths must be explored, and the two the emerge from the gloom are (1) real estate investing and (2) profitable hobbies within the overall context of the four pillars of retirement planning (a) your health (b) financial security (3) family & friends and (4) your zest for living. My approach to property investing is “least in, most out” but for my private clients who can’t develop a portfolio of investment properties, I counsel them to take whatever hobby they have and convert it into a small business “profitable hobby”.


The EFRBS HMRC or the Employer Financed Retirement Benefit Schemes are basically pension schemes which are approved by the HM Revenue and Customs. The best feature of the EFRBS is that there are no restrictions on the investment opportunities of the funds collected in the scheme. This is one of the main advantages – an investor will be able to get when he or she goes for this scheme.

Five Things You Need To Know When Deciding How To Invest For Retirement

Successful investors are good at finding opportunities. Successful investors buy low, sell high, and keep emotion out of their decisions. Sound easy? Like most things, it sounds easier than it is. Fortunately, you can get help (as we’ll discuss in a moment.)

Is an Annuity the Same As an IRA? – Annuities 101

Annuities 101 – Annuities have been confused with IRA’s for years. I think it might be the “A” in IRA. It is very common to be a little confused about your IRA considering it has changed throughout the years and so have annuities.

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