The Ramsey Show (March 16, 2022)

Paying For An Illness – With Your Retirement

As devastating as it may seem to even think of it, you could be saving for retirement just so you can pay for a catastrophic illness. Most people ignore the fact that it could even happen to them.

How to Select the Best Financial Advisor

In light of recent Wall Street scandals, many investors are taking a closer look at who is actually managing their money and what investment methodology they are following. Investors are taking the time to do their due-diligence and are becoming more educated on selecting the best financial advisor. In my travels and meetings with clients, I continue to hear the same vein of questions. How do I select the best wealth manager?

Steps of Financial Planning

The steps of financial planning are a long and drawn out process. Many people start out at a young age preparing for their future. They look into all sorts of investment options, which may consists of purchasing stocks or/and bonds.

Financial Professional Designations: What Do They Mean?

Financial Professional designations many times demonstrate a commitment to study, education and ongoing continuing education. However, it becomes confusing to understand the lexicon of the financial industry. This tip sheet is meant to provide a very brief, abbreviated definition of various financial services designations.

Estate Planning Considerations

I know you’re excited about the prospect of retiring, perhaps even thinking you’ll soon be able to afford to retire. Seems like an awkward time to bring up your death, but, hey! It’s going to happen. Experiencing death in the family is a difficult reality. You’ve almost surely been through that, if not with parents, certainly with grandparents. What will happen when your death is the difficult reality facing your family? Part of holistic retirement planning is preparing for the end of your retirement- your death-and what impact that will have on your family.

Tax On Retirement Income – Understanding Taxes On Your Retirement Income

When you start investing for your retirement you will also have to think about the tax on retirement income that you may have to pay. Read on to learn more about tax calculations on retirement income.

Retirement Planning: Having Enough Income for Financial Independence

A quintessential question for preparing for retirement is how much income is enough to live our dreams and aspirations. The answer lies in consideration of many factors. These will ultimately be very personal to you. The biggest determinant is “What does retirement mean to you?”

Diversify Holdings for Tax Benefit

How do you win the “Tax Game”? The key is to diversify your holdings to receive the tax benefits yet manage it appropriately to control the downside risk.

Improve Your Investment Portfolio

There are many ways to improve investment portfolios for higher potential returns. Most important is to identify the goal of each investment. By clearly identifying the goal, the timeline and the amount of volatility or risk that is acceptable and viable, an effective portfolio can be addressed or built.

Financial Planning: Map Your Success

Financial Planning is a process to better enable individuals and businesses to better utilize existing resources to accomplish their goals while reducing risk and uncertainty. The downside of not having a plan may include: inappropriate amounts or ownership of insurance coverage, underutilized assets, lack of professional money management, and a lack of clarity on financial goals.

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