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Investing in the Share Market for Your Retirement

Increasing your Pension by Investing in Share Market. Making enough extra to make life more enjoyable, and thus be able to afford the little extra luxuries.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Savings Account Like a Variable Annuity

There are lots of reasons a variable annuity is perfect for your personal circumstances. In fact, a variable annuity is so flexible that it can meet a variety of different needs, whether they are financial or daily lifestyle requirements.

Two Outstanding Stock Strategies Enhanced by Options

Catastrophic events happen; especially in the stock market. This article presents two strategies that minimize the investor’s risks. The results exceed the stock strategies by using options.

Important HMRC QROPS Guidelines

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or HMRC launched the QROPS as a pre-approved process to enable UK pensioners living abroad to transfer their pensions to the country they are living in. Insurance companies, merchant banks or trust companies are the main providers of this pension scheme.


If you are among the millions of British pensioners holding a passport and you want to try living abroad or may already be living abroad, you may want to consider Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes or QROPS. This is a pension scheme that allows British expatriates to establish a fund in their host country in which to transfer all their British pensions into.

Do You Need a QROPS Pension?

Are you a UK subject planning to retire and live overseas? Do you have an existing pension fund in the UK and would like to be able to take it with you to your country of destination? What you need is a QROPS pension scheme to accomplish this. QROPS or Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme is an option for UK pensioners planning to relocate to a different country.

Sufficient Income From Investments Will Be A Challenge For Many Retirees

Declines in the stock market and plummeting real estate values have left many retirees with less than sufficient income from their investments to carry them through their retirement years. The timing has not been good for the baby boom population that is now approaching retirement age. With retirement and a recession coming at the same time, this group of aging Americans is discovering that…

Choosing a Financial Planner for Your Future Retirement: Part III – Designations and Compensation

In parts I and II of choosing a financial planner for your future retirement we covered understanding your needs and what you can expect from working with a financial planner and how to select a planner. Now in part III we will cover the various designations (titles/training) you will see and review the different methods they are compensated (paid from their services).

The Myth of Inflation – Induced Growth

Inflation does not give us real economic growth. It is only a mirage.

Financial Questions to Ask When Planning Your Retirement

The global financial crisis has brought the thought of retirement into question for many. It has brought a realisation that you need to make some compromises to live the lifestyle you would like. So what are the financial questions to ask yourself when planning your retirement? The answers to the questions that you ask yourself will help determine your enjoyment over your retirement years.

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