The Ramsey Show (March 23, 2022)

More Financial Lessons From the Kitchen

Some of the techniques for preparing a successful meal can also be applied to improving your investment portfolio. The “recipe” for both includes three soupcons of kitchen wisdom: plan for variety and balance, use the best ingredients and taste as you go.

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor About Retirement Planning

Mark Twain said: “Plan for your future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life”. Asking smart questions is the only way to get the information you need to start planning your future – the rest of your life… and yes that means retirement. Consider the following questions to ask your financial advisor about retirement planning.

Retirement Planning – Start Saving Now!

To many young people retirement seems a long way off with plenty of time to start thinking about planning later. But if you’ve ever heard the expression, said with regret, “If I knew then what I know now…” think about it seriously and consider what the consequences could be of leaving retirement planning too late. Start saving now and avoid regret and a poor lifestyle later.

Forget Stocks! Forget Treasury! Forget CD’s! Buy This No Brainer 10% Fixed Yield Instead!

Trust Deeds are by far the only investment that is secure, does not fluctuate and gets you 10% or more yield. It is easy to understand and wall street free.

Expert Guide to Valuing and Appraising Promissory Notes

Almost everyday, very successful, very sophisticated business and legal people ask us to appraise a real estate mortgage note or a promissory note that they own, or that a family member owns, or that is in an estate or in a trust. The reason for valuing it may be for estate tax purposes, for gift tax purposes, for dividing an inheritance, or for dividing marriage assets during a divorce.

Open Market Option Vital to Find Enhanced Annuities in Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is about making sure your income will last for the rest of your life and the open market option will help you find the best annuity rates. Enhanced annuities from the open market give the highest annuity rates and you should check if you qualify. An independent financial adviser can help you find enhanced annuities using your open market option.

When Your Nest Egg Is Too Small: How to Make Last Minute Changes to Save Extra Money for Retirement

Saving for retirement…it seems like you have your whole life to get it right. But you’re only 10 years away from retirement now, and you have much less than you’d hoped to. Don’t worry! You’ll be back on track in no time with these helpful hints for retirement.

Why We Should Think About Investments?

Have you ever asked yourself why we work? Well, maybe not. I have asked myself this question for a long time.

Protect Your Money by Understanding the Meaning of “Fiduciary”

One of our friends told us about how she recently lost a lot of money due to owning a a variable annuity. When the stock market tanked, she went to cash out to save what little she had left and was surprised to learn she had to pay a “surrender” fee – in addition to the 20% she also owed the IRS. Ouch!

Choosing a Financial Planner for Your Future Retirement: Part I – Needs and Expectations

With some guidance and a willingness to develop and follow a financial plan, most people can adequately manage their own finances. However you may need to choose an Financial Advisor to assist you. The right person can be one of the most important decisions you can make and these articles will help you make the best decision possible.

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