The Ramsey Show (March 24, 2022)

Buy Gold As an Investment Hedge – Get the Best of Both Worlds

Purchasing of investment hedge helps to reduce the impact of inflation and offset market losses. Lot of risk is involved if you make investments on stocks, bonds and on other investment vehicles and this investment hedge is a way to hedge against these risks. The main reason for people to invest in gold is because it is a precious metal which has high demand and value.

Income Investing: News, Mis-Information, and Opportunities

There are at least eight reasonable explanations for recent price weakness — there are at least eight excellent reasons why investors should be viewing this weakness as a buying opportunity. Clearly, the financial press has not attended any of my seminars on income investing. Lower prices and higher yields are good news for income investors!

The Elevation Group

Have you been following Mike Dillard? If you haven’t been, do you know who he is? Well, then you know that he has started a new group called The Elevation Group.

Options Trading Explained – Investing For Safety

Despite the availability of information new investors can use to get stock options trading explained to them, many people have a difficult time actually understanding what place options should have in their own investment portfolios, if any. It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of free educational choices to help you understand this useful, though slightly esoteric investment vehicle. Still, being a well-diversified investor is one of the best ways to ensure your long-term financial health.

A Few Advantages of Setting Up an Annuity Account

Seeing as the economy is so unstable at the moment, it can be hard to know how to utilise your money to the best effect. This is especially true as people are afraid that if they invest then they will end up with nothing.

A Fun Way to Look at Your Retirement

When you retire you might have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. You may want to clear your debts and would want to settle somewhere peacefully. Well, this article is not for such people.

Preparing for Your Retirement

A lot of work for years and years and then one fine morning, you retire. That means, there is no work at all. You feel empty.

Build Your Crash Proof Nest Egg

Since pension plans are given to less than 25% of all employees that are retiring today, how can we provide our own personal pension plan. The answer lies in whom you trust to work with and will you follow his advice.

The European End Game

We all know that the U.S has a serious $14 Trillion debt problem that apparently has no end in sight, especially now with this rigged Deficit Commission panel that is comprised of ideologues from both ends of the political spectrum with no true intention of coming to some sort of bipartisan agreement in dealing with our countries perilous debt situation. One party wants to raise taxes on the “evil” rich simply for political class warfare reasons and the other simply desires to cut spending, so most likely nothing substantive will come about until…

Why Investing With the ‘Big Boys’ May Not Be the Answer to Safe Investing

The only guaranteed way to grow your money is by earning fixed interest and with the stock market, there is no guarantee of a positive return. Unless you can guarantee a return, you’re just using past performance to guess for the future, which means you’re taking a guess.

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