The Ramsey Show (March 29, 2022)

Are You a Capitalist?

It is a common misconception that a capitalist is someone who believes in the process of capitalism as an economic model. This definition, like many others, is designed by the western education system to misinform. The belief based definition is a non-sequitor and is used to enforce the participation in Hegelian dialectic distraction from reality and promote a breakdown in thought. Facts remain true whether one can comprehend them or not.

You Are Ready to Retire, But Is Your Money Ready Also?

Things to consider to see if your retirement plan is really ready. Getting ready to retire is about heading forward into the next phase of your life without doubts. Getting clarity on whether all of your retirement goals will be met will provide you with the peace of mind you want to pursue your goals.

How to open a PPF account

PPF account is considered to be a retirement savings instrument. It is advisable for you to open a PPF account.

Investing in Gold – Is It a Smart Move Or Not?

Is investing in gold a smart move or not? Buying gold is one of the oldest known ways for mankind to store wealth. In uncertain economic times, gold is the de facto safe haven investment for the wealthy and the middle class alike.

How to Develop a Plan B

Beginning next year, boomers begin turning 65. How are they going to support themselves? 30-50% have said they haven’t saved enough for retirement.

Why You Shouldn’t Retire

A year ago, I had a patient come into my urgent care clinic. He was excited to tell me he was finally going to retire. For over 40 years he had run a successful business in our community. He and his wife had looked forward to the day he could retire. They had been putting money away in their 401K and sticking to the plan their financial advisor had given them. Finally, it was time to sell the business and walk away into retirement bliss.

10 Important Things To Do Before You Retire

Don’t put off today what you can’t afford to do tomorrow. In spite of the world wide pension crisis and a growing acceptance that we must plan and save for our retirement, the harsh reality is we are actually not saving enough.

Women in the Crosshairs: The Retirement Gender Gap

Ask any financial planner the biggest financial problem Americans face and the answer is: lack of retirement preparedness. But the problem is especially acute since women live longer than men, typically earn less and have 1/3 less retirement savings. Here are some recommended actions.

Valuing/Appraising Your IRA Account – What Are the IRS Rules?

What are the Internal Revenue Rules for valuing your IRA account? How often must your IRA account be valued?

5 Ways to Save Money For Retirement

The old idea of retirement and saving for the future doesn’t work – ask someone who has retired. Many people who have been paying towards pension funds, retirement funds and provident funds all their working lives and are shocked when they realize they can’t retire. They have done everything correctly, followed all “the rules” and paid every month for 30 or 40 years.

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