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Intelligent Saving For Your Retirement Years

It is known that your retirement years should be the most rewarding and relaxing years of your life. With sufficient amount of money, you can really look towards a stress free life full of happiness and leisure after you wind up your profession.

Estate Planning Security – Have it Before You Hit the Sand

You realized you forgot to turn off the stove while away! As frightening as that scenario is, there are equally important red-flags that should cross our minds while away on vacation, though. Take for example the vital estate planning questions such as what would happen if you and/or your spouse were killed on the trip?

How Much Should I Save For Retirement?

Do you know what your magic number should be? Even better, do you know how to calculate what it should be?

Ten Commandments of Investing – An Overview

The fundamentals to a good life are found in the 10 Commandments. These Commandments are universal, and prescribed by most major religions in the world. Analogously, the fundamentals of building a healthy portfolio and your personal wealth are prescribed in the 10 Commandments of Investing. These basic principles apply whether investing in financial markets, currencies, real estate, commodities, or other alternatives.

QROPS Scheme – Best For Overseas Pensioners

Today, you do not have to worry about after retirement programmes, as there are many overseas service providers that aid you in saving for your retirement. QROPS is one of the most effective retirement options that is discussed here.

10 Common Mistakes People Make Affecting Retirement Or a Financial Plan

Without a financial plan, how do you estimate how much you need to support your financial goals and commitments? You might erroneously think that you can afford to spend most, if not all, of your current income.

Can I Roll My 401k to a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA can be a very attractive vehicle for retirement. Find out how you can roll over your 401K to get a Roth IRA.

Alternative Investments Guide

Many people have suffered large losses as a result of the financial crisis. These large losses have made people seek out alternative investments as a way of protecting themselves. These investments do themselves come with risks and we will be looking at some of these today.

Financial Security & Early Retirement

Most people like to believe that they will be able to retire years before they reach full retirement age. Although this is a nice thought, it’s not very realistic unless you commit to solid planning early on.

Most People Do Not Plan to Fail, They Just Fail to Plan

You have probably already planned a vacation in your life. This makes sense; with the limited amount of vacation time you have, you definitely do not want to ruin it. Did you ever consider how short life is, how valuable time really is, and that you do not want to spoil them either?

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