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Pension Maximization – The 5 Retirement Scenarios You Should Know

The vast majority of married retirees choose a “Survivor Option” from their pension plan when they retire. This means that if they should die first, pension income will continue on for their spouse. Retirees receive less pension income to pay for this future benefit.

Diversify Your Portfolio!

There are many different opportunities in today’s world of investing that are worth taking a further look at. The old fashioned mutual fund, bonds, and even your primary residence are no longer perhaps the best places to put your money. So you need to research and find different opportunities via alternate investment options. Some alternatives are: Managed Futures, Managed Forex, Oil/Gas leases, private company investments, and other unique investment options.

Repay Or Delay Social Security to Increase Your Income and Estate

Delaying or paying back Social Security Retirement Benefits can be a powerful way to increase retirement income while protecting the size of your estate. Getting the maximum Social Security benefit requires looking the bigger picture. Retirement Savings, estate planning and other retirement income can be used to give retired people maximum retirement security.

Promissory Note Structuring – Part One

How to structure your seller-carry note for maximum market value. Every flaw in your note will come back to haunt you when you try to sell it!

The CRASH of 2010 – This is NOT a Drill

Despite what the current administration says and would like us to believe, the current financial crisis is not over; in fact it’s probably just beginning. If you’re paying attention, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we’re on the verge of a catastrophic collapse in the market that could easily lead to a full out depression or at the very least a double dip recession that will take some years from which to recover. I’m not a doom and gloom kinda guy but I am a realist.

Your Charity and Retirement

You can defiantly help the world benefit from the wealth that you have accumulated over your years of working hard. You can contribute your time while you are alive, but there are ways you can also help after you leave this Earth. Trusts, gifts, and foundations are the normal ways people leave money to others after they die. There are many different ways to benefit the causes that you believe in after you pass on.

Investing During Retirement – 7 Strategies to Realizing Your Dreams

By investing during retirement you can secure your golden years. Take advantage of present market conditions and increase your earnings. By using these simple strategies you can discover the best places to invest and improve your quality of life. If you keep waiting for the perfect scenario nothing will ever change.

Dump Unnecessary Living Expenses For a Better Retirement

Creating a retirement that’s enjoyable involves assuring yourself a retirement income that can pay your living expenses. The less are these expenses, the less retirement income you need. This article shows you the benefit of reducing your living expenses now and at retirement. It categorizes the ways to reduce your expenses so you can get started.

Managing Your Wealth During Retirement With Optimistic Expectations

In order to manage your wealth during retirement, there are a few things you will need to know. Investing during your retirement can be a lot of fun if you have a solid education about what you will be doing.

Maximizing Your Pension For Wealth

Choosing a pension plan will help you get income for the rest of your life. Most of the time you can get a great benefit from staying with a company for a long period of time. This is usually one of the best benefits that you can get while working for one company.

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