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Retirement Plans For Self Employed People

Many people are of the opinion that self employed people get the short end of the stick when it comes to paying for Social Security, employment tax and health insurance. These are expenses they have to bear on their own whether they like it or not. However, the only silver lining is retirement plans for self employed people.

Certain Rules For Getting Social Security Widow Benefit

Social Security pays benefits to the surviving spouse in case the actual beneficiary passes away. This is an important part of Social Security. However, there are some rules for the Social Security widow benefit that you should be aware of.

When and How to Start Retirement Planning

Everyone recognizes the value of retirement planning. However, when should you start doing it?

Managing Healthcare Costs With a Health Savings Account

A health savings account is a kind of account where a person can make contributions to the account in order to save money for any health related expenditure he or she may face in the future. This contribution is made tax-free. However, in order to have a health savings account, certain criteria need to be fulfilled.

Health Savings Account – Is an HSA Another Retirement Plan?

When the HSA was constituted, it was not viewed as a retirement plan. Nonetheless, having a health savings account could help a retiree meet his or her retirement goals. While an HSA is mainly meant to gain tax advantage when paying medical expenses, a healthy person will find that an HSA can also assist them in saving more for retirement.

Should You Have a Mortgage During Retirement?

If you have a mortgage during your retirement, it will be a financial strain on you as you do not have a job to help you out. Therefore, many people resort to paying off their mortgages before they retire.

Retirement Tax Saving Strategies & Tips

In our retirement tax saving and pension planning strategies and tips offered in this article, anyone can save massive amounts of money in their taxes by transferring that money into a gold-backed pension (for businesses) or self directed IRA plan (for individuals). This will save you up to 80% or more on paying taxes, while acquiring privacy, security as well as growth from one of the top performing investment vehicles in the marketplace today.

August 2010 – Is There Any Profitable Investment Market Worth Considering These Days?

The traditional markets are all down right now with little hope in sight, and the risks don’t outweigh the potential benefits? Is there any route to significant investment profits – some way that’s closer to how things used to be?

Is Running Out of Retirement Money a Fate Worse Than Death?

Don’t get stuck relying on charity and government handouts in retirement. This article explains the steps you need to take to adequately plan for your retirement.

Do I Have Enough Money For Retirement? How to Calculate How Much You’ll Need to Live Comfortably

What will your pension be worth on your retirement? It’s a question to which you probably don’t know the answer, which is quite disturbing when you think that with life expectancy rates as high as they are today it may represent a quarter of your life!

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