The Ramsey Show (May 4, 2022)

Using a Retirement Calculator to Figure Out Your Retirement Number

Don’t leave this to chance. Find out what is your magic number for retirement.

How to Set Up Your Retirement Account Online

The Internet can help you even with your retirement plan. Find out how you can setup an retirement account online.

Using Online Investing For Your Retirement Plans

The future is here. Find out how online investing can help you plan for your retirement.

UK State Pension Crisis! Act Now Or Live in Poverty When You Retire!

Unbelievable, but many people believe the UK State Pension will be enough to fund their retirement, but this just isn’t true. Don’t kid yourself! Nowadays, nobody in the UK is able to live comfortably just from his or her State Pension. Indeed, pensioners may well be worse of in 2015 than they were in 1980.

Retirement Saving Tips – 5 Ways to Save So You Can Retire Early

These tips for ways to save so you can retire early are different things you can utilize in your overall, individual, plan to reach your savings goals. Not all of these things will work for everyone, but hopefully it will help you see what works for you and what doesn’t and help you define what your plan is.

Best Time to Start Retirement Investing For Financial Security

In recent times, the average retirement age is around 60 years. One needs to cater for living comfortably for almost 30 years post-retirement while maintaining the same standards as that while in service.

Diversification, Balanced Portfolios, And the Analogy of Walking on Rocks Across the River

The other day, I was having a conversation with one of the first personal financial planners in the nation. In fact, they were in the very first college course as the new industry was emerging decades ago. We got to talking about the reality of the current stock market, and the challenges to find yield, growth, or something solid to invest in.

Feel Confident With Your Retirement Plans and the Security They Offer

In the coming 10 years time, the first wave of about 75 million baby boomers would retire in America. With improved healthcare facilities today’s retirees are a lot healthier than their parents and are planning for a longer retirement and spending their time with families and grandchildren, getting into their hobbies or even taking a try at some new careers.

Achieving True Happiness in Retirement

Moving to a retirement home could be the start of an exciting and fulfilling new life for you. Here, you can enjoy the rest of your life to the utmost with your peers, especially if you’ve planned well for your golden years. You can look forward to being especially busy with activities and socializing, while getting help with chores and medical assistance if you need it. You can keep your body and mind active, and your body feeling younger, by doing hobbies and activities that inter…

Divorce – What Happens to Your Pensions?

If you decide to get divorced from your spouse, one of the key functions of the process will be decide how to split the assets fairly. One part of this is to consider the treatment of your pensions.

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