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Salary Sacrifice Into Superannuation

Salary sacrifice into superannuation is when you offset a specific sum of your salary that’s directly deposited into your superannuation fund. Higher income earners often enjoy this option, if permitted by their employers, because they will be able to enter into a lower tax bracket.

How to Manage Your Own Superannuation Fund

It’s becoming quite normal for people to manage their own superannuation fund, especially if they have experience in finance. In most cases, people will allow someone else to make decisions about their retirement fund because it seems a lot easier, but would you prefer ease or a lot more money to play with in your retirement?

Government Co-Contribution Payment – Are You Eligible?

If you make under a certain amount of money each year, the government will match any amount that you contribute to your SMSF, but there is a threshold. This does not include the mandatory 9 per cent superannuation contribution that your employer makes to your fund.

Contributions and Limits For Your Superannuation Fund

It is always advisable to start investing in your super fund sooner rather than later. The first way to start building your retirement is by seeing if you have the money to spare for additional contributions (on top of what your employer already pays). Before investing in your super fund, though, you have to make sure that you have your financial priorities straight, which means paying off any outstanding debt, like credit cards, personal loans, etc.

Tips For Investing For Retirement

Smart retirement investing is more important than ever. Follow our tips to help make the right decisions.

Financial Doom and Gloom Or Opportunity?

The economy was going crazy. There was more money and credit available then ever before. Then like a light switch it changed, instantly, overnight.

Is Your Pension at Risk?

There are a number of advantages to transferring your UK pension into a QROPS. Not only does it provide tax benefits and significant inheritance benefits (namely the full ‘pot’ being transferable on death) but, on the whole it is a great way of unlocking and retaking control of your pension.

The Percentage of Income to Save For Retirement

Everyone isn’t going to save the same amount of money for their retirement. A good way to determine how much to save is to look at the percentage of your income to save for retirement.

Forecasting the Market – Skill Or Luck?

We’ve just been through (arguably) the worst share market downturn since 1929. We’ve also experienced a recovery that few predicted was possible at the start of 2009. Why were we not able to predict these events earlier and with more precision?

Why You Need to Plan For Your Retirement

Have you wondered why you need to plan for retirement at all? I mean, there is social security, and how long are you likely to live, anyhow? Won’t you have time to save when you’re older, anyway?

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